At last Gigi Hadid made the way to Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2015!

Surprise, the Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2015 will be with Gigi Hadid ! On December 8, 2015 , Gigi Hadid scroll for VSFS 2015 for the first time and she is just 20 years! Where is Kendall Jenner ? Return on its cast emotionally charged

This is the news of the day Gigi Hadid scroll for Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2015 ! Indeed, December 8th, 2015 , Gigi Hadid will have the honor of treading the podium of VSFS 2015. While the castings for Victoria Secret Fashion Show season in full swing and the team of Ed Razek has seen hundreds (if it is a thousand ) of Amazons , one of which has already secured her place on the podium of the glittery lingerie brand . Spotted at the castings of the house for the parade to be held on December 8 , Gigi Hadid seems she delighted the home of lingerie. Besides, it’s Victoria’s Secret – via her Instagram account – which drops the bomb on the canvas after many rumors. You should know that the place selected for Victoria Secret fashion show modeling is the World Cup of football.

In the video posted by Victoria ‘s Secret, we can see Gigi Hadid collapsed in tears after Ed Razek has confirmed her participation in the show, the dream of a lifetime to the mannequin 20 years. If Gigi Hadid is sure to scroll to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2015, the sky would be cloudy for Kendall Jenner . The brunette beauty has not been seen for castings Victoria’s Secret and no index is no indication to the contrary. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner muses Balmain x H & M could indeed be separated by the victorias secret fashion show . For now, Gigi Hadid remains on her little cloud, excited to participate in the Victoria Secret fashion show 2015 .

Gigi Hadid Makes the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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