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The fiasco of the century! Spanish press

The fiasco of the century!

The fiasco of the century! :The Spanish and Italian press showed no mercy to Real Madrid following their elimination from the Champions League. Real Madrid incensed Marca … Inevitably, the elimination of Real Madrid from Juventus in the semifinals of the Champions League (1-2, 1-1) is greeted with euphoria by Italian press this morning, celebrating his “hero.” But from the ...

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chickenpox epidemic in Midi- Pyrenees

Chicken-pox in France

Midi- Pyrenees: In recent weeks , France is hit by a chickenpox outbreak. Many regions are more affected than others by these breakouts . The Réseau Sentinelles, which monitors and studies the spread of infectious diseases noted varicella peak since the beginning of April . This week, chickenpox disease is spreading in twelve key areas including Midi-Pyrénées classified as highly ...

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