92-year-old man sings love song for his dying wife

92-year-old man sings love song for his dying wife

Laura is nearly blind , Howard will not stop – be able to communicate the two become difficult . But he does not forgot their common love song for his dying wife even after 73 years of marriage .

Gainesville ( Florida ) – The old man sings love Song for his dying wife touched millions of hearts worldwide.

On September 12, Erin Solari has filmed in New Orleans , as her grandfather Howard Serena ( 92 ) for his wife Laura ( 93 ) sings the song ” You’ll Never Know ” by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James . Laura is difficult accordingly .

“We knew that it might be the last time , so we wanted the moment to hold ” Erin Solari told to ” ABC News “.

Thereafter, she was slumped in tears , as the granddaughter . ” It took me so deeply touched – and therefore it does not surprise me that it is many people in the world as well . ” The video has been viewed more than four million times , ” I like it ” provided more than 60 000 times with and more than 80 000 times divided .
The pair of Gainesville , Florida , has nine children together, 18 grandchildren . And has been married for 73 years .

Howard sings love song for his dying wife in the video for Laura , while he caresses her face , is a collective memory that goes back to the 40s . ” It has comforted them as Grandpa had to away  in World War II ,” said the granddaughter . All her life she sang it like together , each verse for one another.

Since Laura is now too weak , it was now on Howard to sing love song for his dying wife .

Her grandfather knew now about the enormous success of the video , Solari leaves on their Facebook page to know . ” We are grateful to all for the love and the kind words . ” For this purpose, they posted this photo of her grandmother .


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Posted by Erin Solari on Sunday, September 13, 2015

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