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What women want during sex is impossible to explore

What women want during sex

Again researchers believe to have revealed the secret dreams and taboos of the woman . Unfortunately, there’s a catch : sexual pleasure can not be calculated . Nature has furnished them cleverly. Therefore, it is impossible to explore what women want during sex. As superfluous as hay fever attacks and second division Downs is held each May the flood of ...

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Ryan Gosling will not eat his cereal

Ryan gosling

There is a series of vines , short clips shown on the Vine platform, starring Ryan Gosling who refuses to eat cereal for those who wished to laugh. The video series is titled ” Ryan Gosling will not eat his cereal .” It is rather childish, but it has nevertheless drawn the attention of millions of users who wanted to ...

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Needs Children for happiness?

parents holding baby 193894 scaled

Do not worry, someday to stand alone again? And the decision to repent , perhaps? Every fifth German woman remains childless , the majority voluntarily . Why ” Social Freezing ” not make things easier – and like the family of the future might look like. Americans describe women without offspring recently as ” childfree ” ( children free) instead ...

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