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What women want during sex is impossible to explore

Again researchers believe to have revealed the secret dreams and taboos of the woman . Unfortunately, there’s a catch : sexual pleasure can not be calculated . Nature has furnished them cleverly. Therefore, it is impossible to explore what women want during sex.

As superfluous as hay fever attacks and second division Downs is held each May the flood of sex studies. Courtship instruct sex experts, pair psychologists talk in women’s magazines.

“Fast and furious? – Or rather tender and shy What women want during sex?” Asks the weekly magazine and based inter alia on the results of the long-term study “Student Sexuality in Transition”, which the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf has performed.

A detailed exploration of female taboos and sex trends is ambitious, but unfortunately there is a catch: The sexual preferences, secret desires, orgasm tricks hoped taboo breaks or lust-killer can not be “measured” with the best will. Women, and this is true for all ages, nations and faiths, tick differently. Every woman is ticking every day. Sometimes even within a day.
What women want during sexWhere should ones know what women want ?

The sexologist in the world do not want to accept and so the woman has to serve as an object of study over and over again . The apparently most productive target group appear to be students 19-25 years . Surely they are very generous and open , especially if you get some pocket money for information . But that does not mean that they are sexually experienced .

Each adult woman over 30 will confirm , however , that their love life has improved over the years . That she acts confident , handles and strategies knows to seduce a man . At the same time she has to say goodbye to 30-40 by some romantic dreams that they as young thing still cherished .

Loyalty ? Big Love ? Change men ? Nope . Today 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce . Women no longer change , they exchange like the whole man .

Students study subjects guessed not all . 70 percent of them therefore believed in 1966 to reward ; today it is 85 percent . Eight percent have so far cheated ; to hippie times there were a whopping 34 percent .

Perhaps in fact there is an increasing desires – in from the next generation . Finally, the students grow up with replaceable Tinder dating . Perhaps loyalty is simply the absolute ideal of love for young women who may be a bit naive still unmarried , childless and therefore quiet .

Sex toys for her is art

These girls tell anyway with pride that they have a dolphin dildo ( 44 percent ) . In the nineties, only eleven percent confessed this . One might assume now that in 2015 , a time when the prevention is more secure than data protection, prudery today. One might think that the women finally own initiative explore their ominous G-spot . Could one .

That despite “Shades of Grey” -Meilenstein many women have bondage stuff at home, but according to the study “only once on average” is used, probably for two reasons. First, buy women handcuffs and whips because they think men find horny. Secondly, give Men Women handcuffs and whips because they think that women will find the cool.

Let’s face it: If both then tied hanging on Sunday night at the double for the “crime scene”, the desire decreases to a wild-Christian Grey orgy just yet. Man’s Weekend tired and just longs for the classic missionary, instead of sexual proselytizing. Because convenience just going bruises. And yes, sometimes that’s all nonsense and women has been even before it has on abuse and plush whip, on Monday morning Bock to work.

Therefore, dear gentlemen, the answer to the perfect sex dream the woman and her secret taboos is basically quite simple: women themselves do not know her. You go foreign. They are loyal. You are excited. They are too lazy. You control you. You have sex so much like her. Sometimes more, sometimes less. With or without orgasm; with and without love; with women, foreigners and shackles. And with every female encounter again you have to start from scratch.  Everything is possible. Does not have, anything can.

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