The Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan wants to expand his power and introduce a presidential system . The opposition fears a slide into dictatorship , the Kurdish party HDP speaks of a ” nightmare of the Sultan ” .

Before the parliamentary elections in Turkey, the opposition party HDP warns of a slipping of the country into a dictatorship under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan . The co- chairman of the HDP , Selahattin Demirtas , said in Istanbul , in the election in three weeks must be prevented that demanded by Erdogan presidential system would be introduced . ” Under the presidency would create a dictatorship . “
Only the entry of the pro-Kurdish HDP into parliament in Ankara could be halted, an uncontrolled increase in power Erdogan. Your choice program was “the nightmare of the Sultan,” said the HDP co-chairman Figen Yuksekdag.In surveys, the HDP is ten percent. Since when choosing a ten percent threshold exists, it could therefore be a nail-biter. If the HDP fail, the Islamic-conservative AKP could win enough seats for a constitutional amendment. The co-founded by Erdogan AKP has announced then introduce a presidential system.
Melting pot of left and liberal government opponentsAlthough there are many Turks, the HDP because of their proximity to the banned Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK still skeptical. Nevertheless, the party has become a melting pot of left and liberal opponents of the government.

Demirtas was confident that the HDP overcomes the hurdle on 7 June. “I have no doubt,” he said. He also relies on Turkish voters in Germany. From there he expected 200,000 votes, he said. 2.9 million Turks living abroad are entitled to vote in the election, just under half of them in Germany.

Demirtas complained that the Electoral Commission is not independent. “In the civil service, there is no one who is not afraid of the president.” He also threw Erdogan prior to operate the election campaign for the ACP and to violate the Constitution, which requires neutrality the President Tayyip Erdogan, however, had already said in his inaugural address in August 2014 that he would be “no non-partisan president” – and no “president for the record.”The HDP is in favor of more rights for Kurds, but also for other minorities. The grassroots party is equally of Demirtas and Yuksekdag out.