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How to lose Butt Fat – 5 Effective Exercises and Other Methods

Have you ever seen those viral fitness videos on your tiktok or Youtube Shorts video feed?  I am 100% sure you cannot resist yourself from staring at those slim and trim butts. For once we all wanted to have such slim and trim buttocks to flaunt in-front of our better halves. You got such flattered with those sexy butt’s models that you also wanted to know how to lose butt fat in simple way.

Well truth is that having well-formed butts will help us to have a better figure, since the clothes we wear look much better. In fact, if we go to the beach in summer we do not want our buttocks to look flabby or saggy or fatty, but rather you want them to look trimmed and well-toned.

Moreover, believe it or not but fat buttocks also seem to increase your age along with your body mass and this stressed you out badly. Worry not! Because here we are going to tell you how to lose butt fat with few simple exercises to reduce hips and by adopting healthy lifestyle.

How to lose butt fat Naturally at home?

Well, we know if you are here that means you want to know how to lose butt fat and good thing is that it can be achieved naturally with few simple changes in your lifestyle along with regular exercises which are aimed to directly reducing fat from this specific area of ​​the body but of-course you need do little hard work to achieve the desired results.

How to lose Butt fat by Reducing Calories Intake

To slim your buttocks or to lose extra fat from your butts, you need to do some diet. But the good thing is that you don’t need to go hungry. In fact, eating too little will slow down your metabolism and will not lead to significant result. Therefore, the ideal diet plan is that you follow a diet with a slight calorie deficit. Subtracting between 200 and 500 calories a day, depending on your level of physical activity, may be this could be enough to reduce some extra fat from butts and chances are you may lose some extra pounds within 2 weeks.

The key is to include more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, fiber, and healthy fats in your diet so that you feel full with fewer calories. In addition, it is essential that you eliminate alcohol, fried foods and those rich in sugar. If you want to slim your buttocks faster, it is important that you also reduce the consumption of carbohydrates.

study carried out found that both men and women lose more weight and body fat on a low-carbohydrate diet than on a low-fat diet. Remember that when your body needs energy, the first thing it will do is turn to carbohydrates. But if you can’t find enough, you will start to burn fat.

We understood that our diet plays a crucial role in losing fat from buttock. Even more than exercise, since our buttocks are one of our body’s favorite deposits to store fat. So a well-structured diet to burn fat is very effective for our body to get rid of that unnecessary deposit that forms around our buttocks.

So, how to lose butt fat with our diet and what foods should we avoid? In addition to the typical junk food, which we more or less bear in mind that we should not include in our daily diet, each body assimilates certain nutrients more or less efficiently.

People belonging to the ectomorph somatotype, for example, have a greater capacity to assimilate rapidly absorbed hydrates than do endomorphs (that is, rice, pasta, and products rich in sugar). Therefore, we must learn to know ourselves and know what foods we are able to tolerate more and are helpful to get rid of fat from the buttock.

But if I had to give you some generic advice on nutrition for this specific matter, I would opt for advising you to eat well for breakfast (with a high degree of slowly assimilated carbs, such as oatmeal), control the amount of sodium we consume and contribute to our body a balanced intake of macro nutrients.

These foods are key in your conquest to lose butt fat:

  • Egg
  • Oatmeal
  • Fish (tuna, salmon, tilapia, etc)
  • Chicken (breast)
  • Almonds
  • Turkey
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Pistachios
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Jelly
  • Quinoa
  • Lentils

It would also be worth checking with a specialist how balanced your diet is? When you lose weight and your glutes are gone, it could mean that you are losing muscles too. Remember that healthy weight loss seeks to reduce excess fat and water. A nutritionist will make much more accurate assessment and will help you make better balance with what you eat.

Drink lots of Water!

Yes, water is always the best option. Soft drinks, packaged juices, and alcohol add a lot of calories and sugar to our daily intake without us even realizing it. These turn into fat and end up in the butt, among other areas. So, as a general rule, it is best to drink water, which also helps combat fluid retention. Ah! And infusions without sugar, such as green tea or chamomile, are also suitable.

How to lose butt fat with natural supplements?

While you are wondering how to lose butt fat, the second most important thing to consider is food supplements. We already know that controlling buttock fat is not usually easy, natural supplements can give you additional help. For example: Grape extract has been proven to be effective in facilitating weight control, shaping the figure, and reducing body inflammation. Different types of algae have also been found to facilitate in fat burning.

There are various plant extracts based food supplements that acts on stubborn areas with cellulite to eliminate fat deposits such as thighs and buttocks. Grape extract helps to refine the shape and eliminate fat deposited in your buttocks so that you can show off slimmer and more toned butts in no time.

How to lose butt fat with Exercise?

Showing off slim and firm buttocks is not impossible now. However, we know that it is a difficult area that sometimes resists us. Fat tends to deposit on thighs and buttocks areas and all this can promote the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite in all these areas. In order to prevent it, the solution is sports and exercise.

However, I often see how a lot of women only focus on training the glute to get it stiff, not training other additional parts of body. Of course, in general, it will contribute to the hardening of said muscle; But it is by no means the best way to remove fat from the buttock.

By exercising the rest of the muscles of the body, we will be able to increase our basal metabolism, being one of the best ways to lose weight without having to do anything.

That is why today we bring you some exercises to burn fat from all over your body, to give you firm and toned figure.

But before proceeding further, you need to understand how to lose butt fat with exercise and which exercise is best for you? For example, you may think that squats, lunges, or CrossFit are the best exercises for thinning thighs and butts, but chances are some of you just get fuller legs. By working your legs, a lot, you could hypertrophy your muscles and gain volume. Instead, if you want sculpted thighs and butts, the best exercise is to walk. Brisk walking will also help you shed inner thigh fat as well. However, to get results you will have to walk about 10 kilometers a day.

A good idea is to combine these walks with intermittent high intensity exercises as they have been shown to be particularly effective in reducing subcutaneous body fat. For example, you can walk briskly and sprint for a minute or two, repeating that pattern every 15 minutes.

Swimming and running are also good exercises to slim the thighs and buttocks, although all people do not see the results as quickly as it depends on their genetics. If you want to tone your hips without gaining too much volume, you can use resistance bands and bodyweight exercises, without weights or equipment. As we said earlier you need to choose your exercise wisely while trying to reduce fat from butts however, following are some of the best exercises that in general plays important role in reducing hips which you may consider to lose butt fat:

Boost your Cardio

How to lose butt fat NaturallyIf you are seriously considering how to lose butt fat, then you should not miss cardio from your workout routine. Performing 60-minute cardio sessions five times a week, with a medium-moderate intensity, should be enough to keep your body fat index under control.

Stationary cardio with high intensity interval training is even more effective that alternates periods of great hardness with recovery periods, offering us the virtues of the afterburner effect.

This means that after exercising, our body can burn more calories at rest than other types of activity. They can even exceed 200 calories during the day, both at rest or while sleeping.

Muscle toning of Full Body

Add movements that allow us to exercise upper back, shoulders and abdominal muscles to indirectly activate the gluteal muscles. In addition, strengthening the rest of the body, indirectly makes us gain strength in the buttocks, being able to accept more workload.

In addition, with an argument in favor of this theory, if you look closely at the body of all fitness models, they have worked with the entire body. That is, they do not focus more on single specific area. A well-worked and shaped lower back makes us highlight the gluteus, highlighting its natural characteristics more without having to work day to day with squats and lunges only.

How to lose butt fat Naturally Half Squat - How to lose butt fat NaturallySquats

Squats are considered one of the best exercises to burn fat from the buttocks and legs. To do this you can use a barbell, dumbbells or your own weight, so that you create resistance. To execute it, stand with your legs apart, more or less shoulder-width apart. Now bend your legs at the same time and lower your buttocks towards the floor, without actually touching it. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

Half squat

With your feet slightly apart, about shoulder width apart, keep your back out and stick your buttocks out at 45-degree angle. Keep your chest straight and tighten your abdomen well. Extend your arms straight and bend your legs a bit and pause for a second then gradually raise your body up. Do three sets of 15 reps.

Benefits of Squats:

  1. Strengthen all the muscles of the body: Squats help create an anabolic environment that allows you to strengthen the muscles of the entire body. Mainly, it strengthens the lower body more: quadriceps, calves, buttocks … The main reason why squats are so beneficial for gaining muscle mass is the testosterone released by the body in this exercise, which feeds growth hormone.
  2. Burning fat: The human body is very complex and sometimes we do not know which exercises are best suited to our goals. At first glance, squats can only be used for muscle. But when we muscle we help our body lose fat. For every pound of muscle you gain, your body loses around 100-150 calories per day.
  3. Prevent injuries: Many of the injuries that happen to athletes are due to the little muscle they have in stabilizing areas. With squats you can strengthen these muscles to gain strength and flexibility, so you are less prone to injury.
  4. Improve mobility, flexibility, and balance: One of the main benefits of squatting is increased leg strength. Having strong legs helps maintain mobility and balance. Continuous squatting also allows for improved flexibility.
Reverse Leg Lift

In a standing position, put your hands on the waist or rest them on front on any chair. Now raise one leg back, without forcing, as far as you go. From there, do 2 sets of 10 reps with each of your legs. If you can’t keep your balance you can always help yourself with a chair or the wall to support you.

The changes that occur in the body with these exercises to burn fat from the buttocks will be gradual. You must not lose patience. If you combine it with a good diet you can achieve your goals bit fast.

Hip Lift or Bridge

Hip lift to lose butt fat

With this exercise, in addition to reducing the fat in the buttocks, the abdomen, calves and hamstrings are also toned. The hip lift is an ideal exercise to strengthen the glutes, abdomen, lower back, and legs. But it is not only a muscle-building exercise, as it also reduces pain in the knees and lower back, as well as improves body posture. The exercise does not have any difficulty in terms of technique, but you will see that it is much more demanding than you can imagine. It consists of stretching on a mat on your back, with your legs bent and your feet planted on the floor.

All you have to do is to raise your hips until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. The arms must be straight at all times, parallel to the body and touching the ground. Hold the position for about a minute, rest by returning to the starting position, and rise again. You can adopt different variations of this exercise.

Variation 1: Hip Raise with Leg Raise

The first of the variants that we present to you is a very good option if you are looking to strengthen your legs, especially the quadriceps. The whole process is the same, although instead of having both feet on the ground, you must stretch one leg so that it follows a straight line, which will go from the shoulders to the foot.

Variation 2: Hip raise by squeezing the knees

Maybe it had not occurred to you, but putting a ball between your knees and using force to hold it will help you work your glutes and groin better. It is also a good technique to maintain position.

Climbing steps

So, as simple as it is read. Going up and down even if it is a step helps reduce fat in the buttocks and tone them. Of course, you should try to do it with your back straight. When going down the stairs there can be a strong impact on the knees, which you should always consider. You can start with a few steps slowly and then work your way up.

In principle you can go up one step at a time and then back, continuously for 3 minutes. Then you can go up two by two but go down one at a time and thus increase the number of steps as your legs reach and you feel comfortable.

Always remember to warm up before exercising and above all, enjoy the sport!

How to lose butt fat with Yoga

Yoga to reduce hip fat

Quality cardio and strength training are key, hands down. But beware, there are many other ways to get rid of gluteal fat through training.

For example, Yoga can help us to remove fat from a number of areas of our body, such as back fat or butt fat in a more effective and healthy way than other practices. With 3 months of Yoga training, you should start noticing significant results on your buttocks.

You must bear in mind that when you do these yoga exercises it is not necessary to sweat, each body is different and what is needed is perseverance and discipline.

The Warrior II posture, which is standing and asymmetrical, provides vitality and energy, also tones the muscles of the legs, helps improve digestion and relieves constipation.

Vrkshasana, known as a tree Posture, strengthens the thighs, calves, ankles, and the spine. The setu bandhasana (bridge) pose works your glutes and leg muscles. Instead, salamba sarvangasana (candle) tones the legs, hips and buttocks, stretches the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

Cosmetics and other treatments for the buttocks

Important! This last trick can help you boost your results, but it is of little use without the above steps. However, if you combine them with a healthy diet and exercise, they can be interesting.

Creams to treat localized fat or cellulite improve the appearance of the skin and help it stay smoother. And if what you are looking for are more powerful treatments, you can resort to mesotherapy, cryolipolysis or pressotherapy. They are indicated both for the reduction of localized fat and for cellulite or flaccidity. The professional will advise you which treatment is most appropriate for your case and the number of sessions you need.

Always remember that for best results, you should also try to eat a healthy diet, reduce fats and carbohydrates and increase food rich in fiber, protein and vegetables and fruits or fish. Also, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in excess or smoking.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Does sitting make your hips wider?” answer-0=”A study reveals that while sitting we put too much pressure on our hips and buttocks which builds up significant fat in those areas.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Can Squats helps to lose butt fat” answer-1=”Squats are excellent way to strengthen your lower body muscles if done correctly else it may cause injury as well” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”What Cosmetics procedures are available to lose butt fat” answer-2=”You can chose any cosmetic treatments from mesotherapy, cryolipolysis or pressotherapy to reduce your hip fat however, in order to get best result incorporate healthy diet and regular exercise in your routine and avoid processed food as much as possible” image-1=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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