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How to do Cat Eyeliner & Reverse Cat Eyeliner

If you love playing with your eyeliner and wanna know how to do cat eyeliner then you are in luck because today we are going to teach you Cat eyeliner as well as the most trendiest reverse cat eyeliner techniques.

It is something that many of us do every day and you probably already have the point, a quick line before leaving the house and voila. Perfect for both day and night. Yes, cat eyes are great.

How to do Cat Eyeliner like a professional?

How to Do Cat Eyeliner like a Professional

Creating the best cat eyeliner is not easy.

However, not all cat eyeliner look the same, nor do all eyeliners give the same result. No matter how many years you have practiced this technique, you are always going to have difficult days from time to time. Those days when one wing is taller than the other and your eyes look completely different. The trick? Change techniques from time to time.

If you are always controlling that the eyes come out great there are seven ways for you to play with your eyeliner and update your cat eye look. Let us begin.

How to do Cat Eyeliner with Swab Method:

You just have to apply a little excess eyeliner where the curve would be, that is, in the corner of the eye and use a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover or moisturizer to draw your perfect line. Use this technique whenever you use gel, cream or pencil eyeliner, but not liquid eyeliner as it could dilute.

This technique is perfect if you are beginner to cat eyeliner as it will give you great control. It is a great method if you are one of those who does not always control the shape of cat eye wings. But it is not recommended if you are using other eye makeup such as shadows, because when you use the makeup remover stick, you will take a large amount of shadow in the process.

How to do Cat Eyeliner with Tape Method:

Line up a bit of tape (yes, strange though it sounds) joining the end of your eyebrows and the outer corner of your eyelid. If you are using gel or cream eyeliner, start by tracing the upper lash line. When you reach the end, draw the line along the crease that will be the wing of your cat’s eye.

Now you just have to fill in the space between the top of the vertical line and the outer corner of the lower lashes to make the curve. Remove the tape and that’s it.

This technique is perfect to have a perfectly defined and sharp line. Works perfectly with gel and powder eyeliner. On the contrary, if you have very sensitive skin around the eyes, pulling the tape can mark your skin a little or even make you a little discomforting. If you still want to use it, put the tape on your cheek or forehead first to remove some glue, so it will be easier to put on and take off.

How to do it with the Eye Shadow Method

Use an angled eye brush to draw a cat eye with a shade of shadow that roughly matches the color of your eyeliner. Now you just have to go over your favorite eyeliner.

The cat eye made with eyeshadow serves as a guide. When doing this, it is better to stay short with the eyeliner than to go too far, since even if it may not have been perfect, the powder shadow will help you blur the edges a bit. Using this technique usually works very well, but do it as long as you are going to apply foundation afterwards, since powder shadow usually leaves a “shower of color” under the eyes.

Make the Wing First:

Draw a triangle in the outer corner of your eyes that will later become the tail of the cat’s eye and fill it in next. Now line the upper lash line and then bind it all together.

This method is the fastest way to get your cat’s eyes, but there are times when it is difficult to achieve the perfect symmetry and the slope can be a little low and without curve. Anyway, everything is a matter of practice.

Make the Wing Last:

Draw from the beginning of the upper lash line and make the line progressively thicker at the end. Make sure to leave some space before you reach the end of the outer corner. Then complete your cat eye wing to your liking. Now go over everything and you’re done.

What can happen to you is that you delineate your eye to the end and have little space left to make the curve of the wing. And if you do it, you may go very far. Even so, everything is a matter of taste.

Draw the Curve First

Draw the curve or line of your cat eyes as you want it to fit. Then you just have to join the upper lash line with the outer corner of the eye to make it smooth.

This technique is great when you want a subtle curve. It is highly recommended if you have almond eyes and you do not want it to be too high or with an exaggerated curve.

How to do Reverse Cat Eyeliner Easily:

How to do Reverse Cat Eyelner
Credit: Angela Bright

If you are addicted to Tiktok you must have watched several beauty and fashion trends that have been followed by several influencers and beauty divas. As you already now Reverse cat eyeliner trend is flooding the internet due to its glamorous yet easy to create look.

You may have seen several celebrities following this trendy such as Kim Kardashian. So reverse cat eyeliner trend didn’t leave anyone un impacted.

So as we already learn how to do Cat eyeliner, let’s learn how to do reverse cate eyeliner. For this purpose I wanted to share with you a video from Angela Bright, who is an amazing youtuber and her tutorials are very easy to create your own gorgeous look. She did an amazing job in creating reverse cat eyeliner.

So let’s start!

In order to create a reverse cat eyeliner first of all we need to prepare your eyes and should apply the shade you wanted to apply or you can apply medium tone brown shade to define the eyes. Once your eyeshadow is done you can start creating reverse Eyeliner.

In order to do reverse cat eyeliner it is best to take a black pencil with high pigmentation. Smudge this black pencil on the entre waterline till the inner corner of your eyes. Now with the help of Sigma 20 brush immediately smudge the created line on water line to define it more on your lower lashes.

After that with the help of pointed brush or you can take Sigma L05 and pull out the eyeliner to your outer and inner corner of both side of your eye to create perfectly define wings.

Soften middle of your lash line with some black eyeshadow on your brush. In this process don’t touch both wings. Revere Cat eyeliner is done but you can finish the loo by smudging black eye pencil on the inner water line of your upper lashes.

I hope you like the tutorial and now you have learnt how to do Cat Eyeliner and Reverse cat eyeliner. If you want to know more about the trendy makeup looks the read our previous post about 20 Cute Easy Makeup Looks in Blue.

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