Asheville ( North Carolina / USA ) – Dwayne Schmidt captured an emotional photo : An Overwhelmed with emotion young newlyweds that simultaneously holding each other and turn away from each other .



What the US – American photographer Dwayne Schmidt has captured here is not a moment of sadness – but a particularly beautiful .

Shortly before her wedding in Asheville ( US state of North Carolina ) last Saturday the naval officer Caleb Earwood ( 21 ) wanted his bride Maggie ( 22 ) to pray together .

More beautiful than any wedding photo | Why this praying pair touched our hearts. As the bride and groom traditionally not allowed to see before the ceremony , Maggie turned in the doorway while Caleb around the corner took a stand .



” He stretched out his hand and I took it ,” Maggie later told the US broadcaster ” ABC News ” . When Caleb was praying for the success of the marriage , both could not hold back their tears .

It is the moment in which Dwayne Schmidt pressed the shutter of his camera . ” The whole room was full of emotion ,” he told the US broadcaster . He tried not to cry in order to concentrate on his job .

Since Sunday on his Facebook page his picture of the praying couple had over 17 millions views and 50 000 times with ” I like it ” marked and shared thousands of times. That paid off for him .

Among countless comments : ” I am not a religious person , but this photo is wonderful , because it tells the story of hope and love ,” writes ” Dina Sorensen ” . “You have captured a moment in their lives , which is always important . Great talent , ” another writes .

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