Horrible moments for child watching police rebuke to his father and grandfather

Horrible moments for child who watched his father hit with a baton and the elderly grandfather suffered from the hands of riot police outside the football stadium in Portugal.

Public Prosecution in the country investigating the police involvement in the incident in which  they attacked a man outside the stadium in Guimaraes Northern Portugal, where the team won Benfica, last Sunday, the Portuguese league title and the celebrations turned into riots in the country.

Horrified young Benfica fan witnesses police beat up dad and grandad (VIDEO)

According to the website the Daily Mail, the police had allowed Magalhaes, 42, and his sons to leave the stadium before others because his children, aged nine and 13, were being crushed as Benfica fans inside celebrated, but verbal altercations took place between his father and the police. Magalhaes told about the incident to the news agency that:

“The policeman came over … and asked us why we had brought children to a stadium if we knew there might be trouble,” Magalhaes said.

“I told him, gesticulating, that he should be more concerned about the problems inside the stadium.

“The next thing I know he’s on top of me.”

Cop began beating him with baton and elderly Grandpa, while others took the child paranoid policemen to remove him from the scene.

He claimed the policeman who assaulted the father that this latest spat in his face, which is denied by the child’s father.

The Attorney General of the province told the nation that they have open an investigation into allegations of abuses of power, and confirmed that the police were nice to allow the family to leave before the time fixed for the exit of the masses.