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France and Germany agree closer eurozone ties without European treaties change

European treaties

Germany and France have forged a pact to integrate the eurozone without reopening the European treaties, in a blow to David Cameron’s referendum campaign. The agenda of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande for the eurozone, summarized in a document obtained by our correspondent, risk of at least one disgruntled David Cameron, expected Thursday 28 May in Paris, and Friday 29 ...

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The Irish Referendum : YES for Gay Marriage

the Irish referendum

The Irish Referendum – Irish vote overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage The Irish referendum : a clear majority of supporters have given approval for same-sex marriage . First results in the public counting started on Saturday morning to show a projection of the ” Yes ” camp in the ratio of about 2:1. The official results were expected in ...

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Referendum on Gay Marriage : Ireland to decide

referendum on Gay Marriage

Whatever happens, it is a major paradigm shift. Long considered a bastion of religious and social conservatism in Europe , Ireland , 84 % of people say they are Catholic obedience and almost 50 % go to Mass every Sunday , could become the first country in the world to endorse a referendum on gay marriage . Friday, May 22, ...

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Horrible moments for child: Police beats Father in front of child

Horrible moments for child

Horrible moments for child watching police rebuke to his father and grandfather Horrible moments for child who watched his father hit with a baton and the elderly grandfather suffered from the hands of riot police outside the football stadium in Portugal. Public Prosecution in the country investigating the police involvement in the incident in which  they attacked a man outside ...

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Referendum : If UK will come out of Europe?

EU Referendum

In case of re-election, David Cameron, Prime Minister, has promised a referendum on the continuation of the UK in Europe. Four days after his election victory in the United Kingdom, David Cameron, re-elected as Prime Minister to form a fully completed Conservative government. There are more women and more Eurosceptics. David Cameron has promised a referendum on whether to maintain ...

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