In mid-April hundreds of people were drowned in the sinking refugee boat in the Mediterranean . Italian Prime Minister Renzi wants to let recover the wreck . ” Let the whole world see what happened . “

It was the worst refugee incident in the Mediterranean Sea so far : On April 18, the sunken boat carrying more than 700 people on board – only 28 migrants survived the accident . Now Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wants to salvage the wreck from the seabed . ” I want the whole world sees what has happened. It is unacceptable that some people continue to act along the lines of ‘ out of sight , out of mind ‘ ,” he said in the TV channel Rai on Tuesday night .

Renzi reacts with this drastic measure the resistance in the European Union against a quota for the equitable distribution of refugees . “We will go to the seabed and salvage this boat ,” he said . ” Down there are 500 to 600 bodies .

The public prosecutor in Catania stated few days ago stated that it will not recover the wreck, as this is unnecessary, expensive and time-consuming for the investigation. The wreck had localized the Navy recently. Only about 24 bodies had been recovered after the accident.

The salvage operation off the Libyan coast will cost approximately 15 to 20 million after details of Renzi. “I hope that EU will pay, otherwise Italy has to pay,” he said. “We sent a robot of the Navy, who provided terrible pictures.”