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Migrants Crisis: tension at the border no man’s land between Macedonia and Greece

Migrants Crisis : Located in the middle of the “Balkan route” that leads migrants from Athens to Germany, via Serbia and Hungary, Macedonia, who faces several months to incessant arrivals on the road to Europe announced the state of emergency in its border regions in the south and in the north. The government has decided to officially deploy the army ...

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Europeans both proud and shocked to be on the blacklist of Moscow

blacklist of Moscow

Europeans personalities listed in the blacklist of Moscow Saturday, May 30, Europe torn between pride and denunciation . After the revelation of their name existence in the blacklist of Moscow, displaying the names of European politicians banned from entering the territory , many are welcomed to be part of it, and that at the institutional level , the member countries ...

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The prison of Palmyra , emblem of the repression of the Syrian regime

The prison of Palmyra

Various people had shared several pictures of the alleged destruction of the prison of Palmyra on social media, with images of explosion and destroyed buildings. The prison of Palmyra, whose name alone terrified Syrians, now not more. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights The city of Palmyra has ” largely been destroyed (Saturday 30 May) after the IS ...

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