Timelapse videos mining from millions of Internet Photos

Every day, countless pictures have taken and posted on the Internet . US researchers have found a way to turn millions of such images into timelapse videos – with the help of algorithms . Now you can watch the time on spreading .

No one knows how many pictures are taken per day , but there are constantly more . For example on Facebook only in 2011 250 million photos were uploaded , now that number is probably even much higher . At that time , 2011 had Flickr , the photo platform for traditionalists , just passed the six billion pictures boundary. Flickr is compared to Facebook already a dwarf when it comes to the sheer number of images.

Nevertheless, the platform still has enough photos in order to make amazing feats , like a team of researchers from the United States was able to show now . Ricardo Martin Brualla of the University of Washington and his colleagues took public Flickr photos of frequently photographed places – Las Vegas , a glacier in Norway , the skyline of New York – and turned them into time-lapse movies . They also have released a video of some of their timelapse videos work which is a great result of their efforts.

The results are impressive when you consider that each of the short clips consists of thousands of individual images . Overall,  researchers  have sorted 86 million photos , arranged them striking scenery or buildings and specific to each view. Then the images were sorted chronologically and edited so that they had a common point of view .