Your hands are in the front line against daily aggression and cold weather . Without care these can be rough, dry , fine lines , blemishes, cracks … And if you want to take care of your hands you should know the best way to moisturize hands.

In winter, the hands are exposed to cold and dry air. In addition, they are regularly in contact with irritants that damage hands skin. Prevention is very important because dry hands and not sufficiently hydrated and nourished can give birth to little annoyances (xerosis or eczema…).

But this is often forgotten to take extra care of hands during winter, however, hands need as much care as our face. Repeatedly  washing  hands, dish washing, handling detergents, gardening … they constantly damage our hands . And often overlooked. Yet our hands are more fragile than we think! The skin as a whole is protected by the hydrolipidic film, a mixture of oil and water, which forms a barrier against the outside harshnes.

No luck, hands are low in sebaceous glands, as they are most exposed. The skin of hands dries out faster . No wonder that our hands are often the first to betray our age.

The enemy of hands

Water – Paradoxically, the water dries and limestone worsens the case. Avoid washing your hands more often and dry them thoroughly, especially between the fingers. Better wear rubber gloves when doing household tasks to avoid contact with detergents.

Cold – It destroys the natural barrier of the skin, and dries very fast due to the contraction of the small capillaries. Result: redness occurs. Hands do not like sudden temperature variations, which cause stinging. Hence it is good to wear gloves during winters.

Best way to moisturize hands during winters

In winter one of the best way to moisturize hands is to apply coconut oil and massage on hands for sometime.

Massage your hands with nourishing cream or almond oil and put on cotton gloves before going to bed. Upon awakening, your hands will be soft like velvet.

Wash hands with neutral Ph soap. Then after you have properly dried your hands, apply cream and wear cotton gloves for twenty minutes.

Exfoliate and pamper your hands, take 1 tbl spoon sugar add 1 tbl spoon olive and mix it. then rub the mixture on hands for sometime and wash with water.

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