Winter season is already here. Normally my skin in the winter season become too dry and damaged, irritated if I do not take extra care of my Skin.

Itching , redness, dryness, irritation , pimples … The low temperatures of the winter put a strain on our skin , especially when sensitive . ” Skin in the winter season get easily damaged by the cold and the wind. It also suffers from a less balanced and unsuitable cosmetics diet. Moreover, the decrease in brightness and a lack of sunshine did not help regulate these phenomena ” which in result made the complexion dull and gives signs of aging. But do not panic , there are solutions ! Serums, masks, repair creams , vegetable oils.

Hence to avoid these rude side effects of winter and to protect your skin in the winter season, I am sharing five easy tips to adopt during this winter.

Tips to Protect Skin in the winter

Keep your skin moisturized: Moisten your home. For this, use a humidifier. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to enjoy their antioxidant vitamins that help prevent skin aging. Furthermore, when it is cold , remember to drink 1.5 liters of water a day . But if this sounds too , opt for green tea detoxifying multiple strengths , stimulating and rich in vitamins .

Do not take hot bath or do not use too much hot water. A bath with essential oils is recommended to nourish and soften the skin in the winter. Also, do not dwell too long to come out and most importantly, carefully dry off everywhere. Then , take the time to apply a body cream or moisturizer . Finally, gloves, hat , sweater, tights, jacket , scarf … Know that it is by being wrapped is best to protect.

Exfoliate your skin regularly because in winter usually we have chapped lips and dead skin. So to have a baby’s skin , use once a week a very gentle exfoliate enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter or almond oil or coconut oil to nourish the skin. You can also prepare a mixture of sugar mixed with a spoon of honey or olive oil to scrub your skin. Finally , apply a moisturizer and a lip balm and more thickly at bedtime .

Use masks, serums and vegetable oils to strengthen your skin against external aggression but also to boost and stimulate , apply a serum under your cream. Also, please make moisturizing masks when skin feels tight , nutritious your skin in the winter if it sores several times a week .

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