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6 simple and easy tips to dry nail polish faster

dry nail polish faster

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The ruined manicure is very frustrating to all the girls; Learn how to dry nail polish faster to avoid snags.

They were perfectly manicured – not a blank space, not an overflow, not a fingerprint, nothing … until your phone rings, you put on a lock of hair, put on shoes or you want to go to the bathroom. And here, your manicure ruined because your nail polish was not dried yet. Come on, put back a layer to try to repair the damage.

We have all experienced this enervating situation; The fault of our legendary patience. And unless we decide to wait 30 minutes before moving a little finger, we have every chance to ruin yet a good package of manicures! Unless you are ingenious and you apply one of these 6 tips to dry nail polish faster and more quickly …

1- Use a quick-drying varnish

No way? Yes, as boat as it sounds, you can simply apply one of these varnishes which promises a drying in 1 minute (Kiko, Maybelline or even Innova in commercialize) – not to be confused with the top coats accelerators of drying. An emergency solution to make nails, because the outfit is not always at the rendezvous.

2- Apply dry drops


Easier to find than an express drying varnish – all brands make it – dip dry drops accomplished genuine miracles, and no effect of material on the nails please! No need to wait 10 minutes for them to dry on the surface: two or three minutes are enough to allow us to resume our activities.

3- Use a fixing spray

On the same principle as dry varnish oil, some brands offer nail polish fixative sprays; A gesture even faster and playful to find the use of our hands as quickly as possible.

4- Dip your fingers in cold water

The trick of cold water is one of the most popular to dry nail polish faster. But beware of the faucet jet, which could distort the upper layer: instead opt for a bowl filled with cold water to plunge your fingers once the varnish applied.

5- Use a fan or hairdryer

If you blow your nails or shake your hands in any direction, it’s good that the air helps to dry nail polish faster. For drying, use a fan or a hairdryer positioned on the cooling function if you have no other solution.

6- Apply thin coats of nail polish

Better two thin coats of varnish than a thick patty, which will hardly dry. In addition, the manicure will last longer, a good tip to remember and to pair with one of the other 5 tips of our list.

To dry your nail polish faster is not very complicated, it is necessary to have the right tools available! Ruined nails will soon be of ancient history.

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