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2016 Jewelry Trends Indicating What To Wear Or Buy Ahead This Year


2016 Jewelry Trends – The trend for jewelry changes every year and there is something new appearing as a specific jewelry hit ensuring robust sales. 2016 is also having a set of jewelry trends, get a peep here:

Studs and earring jacket: These have become a consumer wave and favorite that wearing studs solo also gives versatility. The jackets as an addition ensure a cool look. Studs and earring jackets are easy to understand, while the earring jackets are the trend this year and are available in varying price points.

Chokers and statement necklaces: These are continued from 2015. There are plenty of spring 2016 styles to suit lingerie to denim in light weights, demanding a statement piece.

Black and white: Rhodium in jet-black offers a rock star chic style. This is an evergreen combination. It looks great on enamel, art deco inspired jewels, white or silver gold featuring rhodium effects.

Oversize earrings: This style from one of 2016 Jewelry Trends of wearing oversize earrings were popular at the Oscars as well and will complete many 2016 spring ensembles. It will suit simple white shirts to X-inspired necklines.

Gold layering pieces: The gold price is luring artists more away from silver and once again fashion and trend is back to the warmer metal. There are dainty pendant necklaces to delicate charm bracelets translating better in gold. The prices are more reasonable and allow making a layered statement in a shining richer metal.

Asymmetry: Irregularity is always found to be a style statement. This year jewelry trends also dictate mismatched earrings to tiny stones trails and modern cluster styles. This asymmetry is the coolest trends. Asymmetrical looks offer the required appeal to youth offering a message of individuality, thereby reflecting minimalist materials.

Whimsical designs:  The whimsical designs may include rainbow color combinations, fancy cuts from designers and make for chic entry-level designs in rings and earrings. This can include cute jewels and modern cluster styles from different designers.

Stacking rings: These types of stacked rings are good as 2016 Jewelry Trends and are cost-effective, besides being an ideal choice to gift.  They build bigger statements and are fun to stack as couture features casual options and cutouts.

Gray color:  The gray color is highly preferred with blue and pink. It can be aka Rose Quartz. These colors indicate the hues of the year and so jewelry considers these as complementary shades for its users to go with their attires.  Gray with platinum, silver and white gold, anything coordinates easily. The milky stones and diamonds make a great combo. Yet, gray is an open option, though there are other colors as well to add fun.

Feminine motifs and silhouettes: The fashion of the spring announces super feminine looks that includes lingerie, ruffles and motifs such as flowers and accessories that are soft. Cabochons with fringe, tiny charms, bows and even the half moons in sweet style shapes command the 2016 jewelry trends and fashion trend this year.

Our selection of must have 2016 Jewelry Trends

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