In the summer, the 90s fashion trends are making their comeback. Here we have an opportunity to dig up the key pieces of the time .

Revivals of 90s Fashion Trends ! Make a way for colored bandanas, all kinds of cropped top, denim overalls, pricking Mr. lumberjack shirt and sneakers to dare platforms, all revisited version are coming back.

The 90 represent a moving decade in style. But what is interesting in the 90s Fashion Trends is that they made a comeback into a more modern fashion, more 2000s replace jeans shorts and jackets add to the sweatshirt. It’s not high class but it’s starting to look like it.

Besides we see the comeback of the decade among the fashionistas of today. Street looks swarm of parts or influences imported from the 90s fashion trends and even the stars are getting into this trend.

A brief overview of the main lines of fashion 90s and its application today.

5482b60d58e64_-_mcx-90-fashion-beverly-hills-90210-s2Like any fashion decade, the 90’s have their uniforms. By means uniform, features clothing worn by all young then. And even the 90’s is necessarily present in the series of the time. In the US, Beverly Hills 90210 and Friends are cultissimes (but there was also Saved by the Bell, Buffy, Melrose Place, …) and in France it is Helen and boys that will remain etched in our memories.

The essential parts of 90s Fashion trends:


For girls : Patterned dresses, ugly jewelry and skirts are very short or very long.

For the boys : Cap and patterned shirts or improbable colors. Plus it’s unlikely, it is more 90’s.

For girls and boys : Sweatshirts, blue jeans tall, total denim look with associated jacket.

What to especially remember the 90’s uniform is its street side so quite simple and functional. Denim is king and are often held close to the body for girls (a balance of aerobic trend of the 80’s).

The looks often seen in pairs: wide jacket + mini skirt, jeans + t-shirt or sweatshirt, jeans + shirt. In the associations, is total freedom, giving things a little weird sometimes.

90s Fashion Trends revived in Milan Fashion week

Milan Fashion week happened in Italy and we see most of the designers were totally inspired by the 90s Fashion Trends that they brought the 90s in Milan Fashion week.