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Must Have Jewelry Fashion Trends in 2017

Some Jewelries can easily twist our outfits! In this 2016-2017, everything is played out in lines, volumes, affirmation and asymmetries. Here are the must have Jewelry Fashion trends observed on the different runways.

Must Have Jewelry Fashion Trends

The chocker

This is the big star of this year, the one who comes first. For those who do not know, the chocker is a necklace that is worn at the throat. This trend of the 90s returns with great pomp this year. Rihanna, Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian and Lily-Rose Depp rushed to adopt the famous choker fashioned by Swarovski, Chanel, Harry Winston, Cartier and other renowned jewelers.


In fabric, metal or lace, simple, adorned with precious stones or pearls, small or large, with or without pendant: the chocker is a jewel with multiple possiblities that one wear preferably with a casual dress. Be careful however, it is a necklace that suits rather long necks and will tend to compact the small necks.

We like … or not! Everyone does not have the heart for this accessory with various connotations. Sometimes sexy, sometimes regressive Lolita way, it is not unanimous but remains the darling of the jewelry trends of this winter.

The solitary earring

This year, pairs of loops are separated into only one. Mono is popular and brings a touch of rock for a resolutely affirmed look!

The affected ear should be well clear, the hair tied or simply brought back, as if nothing had happened. This is the easy trend, one that can be done with any type of loop and therefore does not require the purchase of a particular model. We take the one we want and let the mono style make its effect.

It is a style that assumes ladies, and does not go to all sauces. Also we will avoid for example at work. It is preferred with refined lines, even better with rock clothing or minimalist design.

The return of pearls

The pearl necklace, classic and star of the Chanel runway is back in force this year. Exit the status a little old, the small sphere is dusty, takes volume and color! On a single buckle, a bracelet, a choker or a necklace, the pearl is now worn with more casual materials such as jeans or with sportswear for the more daring. In tight rank or not, the pearl is now casual but keep it timeless chic.

The Jewels on top

This year, jewels are not worn under a coat or a sweater in any discretion but rather on the clothes. We love and fully assume these precious accessories by showing them in the open. Alone or with others, the bracelet will pass over the sleeve, the collar on the sweater or the shirt.

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