You must be surprise why my topic is Fashion institute of Technology. Since my blog is related to Fashion or Fashion industry therefore, I believe to provide a platform to my Fashionista reader that has all the information for them.

I have been watching series of Project Runway which is a great competition platform for the new fashion designers. Some of these designers do not have professional fashion education from any Fashion institute and they show their desires to join Fashion institute of Technology for their further career growth. May be you must be Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge is one of the notable  FIT Alumni.

Therefore, today I have decided to write something about the career development of my fashionista friends. Because I have seen most of the blogs are only related to the people who simply wanted to follow some best fashion trends in the town. However, you don’t really found enough platform for the people who wanted to grow their career in the fashion industry. Due to this reason you might found some of inexperience fashion designers, fashion bloggers, fashion merchandisers etc etc… and they made the unnecessary competition for the deserving people. For that purpose I look around some of the best Fashion education institutes. And I come across with the Fashion institute of Technology [ FIT ].

Well Fashion institute of Technology is not the only institute for Fashion education  in the world but yes it is one of the five top fashion institutes in the world. It is a state university of New York  school, that has all the courses related to art, business, design, mass communication and technology connected to the Fashion industry. It was founded in 1944. Undergraduate majors include international trade and marketing for the fashion industries, toy design, menswear, fashion merchandising management, and computer animation and interactive media.

All About The Fashion Institute of Technology

Nowadays, most graduates from Fashion institute of technology are rising in their respective field and have captured the fashion industry. Some of its notable alumni has already captured the Fashion world Leslie Blodgett, creator and executive chairman of the Bare Escentuals makeup line; Fran Boller, apparel director of Nike’s Jordan brand; and Edward Menicheschi, chief marketing officer and president of Conde Nast Media Group.

Those who are really serious about their Fashion education and want to develop their careers in fashion industry should choose a proper Institute which suites their requirements after all your one good decision can change your entire life. Think wisely!

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