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Triplets born nearly three years apart

Meet the mother whose triplets born nearly three years apart

Three children conceived at the same time but triplets born nearly three years apart. Hard to believe that the three children of Sarah Swann are triplets. Yet the British 45 years telling the truth . If George was born three years before his brother Noah and sister Liliah  came into the world in January, the three children were conceived at the same time.

In vitro fertilization

At 40, Sarah Swann chose the method of in vitro fertilization (IVF ) to become mom. She underwent treatment in a clinic in Nottingham, after which two embryos were transferred into her uterus and three fertilized eggs were frozen .

The treatment worked and Swann Sarah became pregnant. Her pregnancy was uneventful . She gave birth to a boy , George , there are three.

Last year , she wanted to be a mother again . The doctors then used two of the three fertilized eggs frozen some years before. Soon after, Sarah Swann learns she is pregnant with twins .

“I do not believe the two embryos market,” she tells the Daily Mail. “Two embryos were transferred into my uterus to increase my chances of having a baby , given my age, but I never thought the two were going to implement “

Physical similarities
Sarah Swann has given birth to twins , a girl and a boy, in the month of January. ” Noah is the spitting image of George as a baby , but they have different personalities ,” she describes .