Elon musk in his interview said that “I am glad to be on Mars Planet, scientist have found the water and soon we will try to get that water on earth so from that water each country which have no water in their country they have that water on their country and they will have benefit from that water. For having that water on earth we will find planet Mars information so that by the help of explosion we have that water”.

You know that the best explosion is nuclear explosion which will help us to have that water and this explosion always give the positive result. He also added that “It is difficult to have that water on earth when we find out according to Mars Planet Information we found that Sun is just above the planet and for the normal human it is not possible that someone would go to Mars planet because of heat and temperature, human will feel so much awkward and by this temperature this may be possible that the man who had went to Mars would die. He said that “They have send a large number of fusions on Mars that have been blast after a few seconds because of a high temperature of Sun. He said that we are trying that we should send some poles on Mars that should frozen the water on Mars.

Musk has been very vocal about his goal to colonize Mars Planet. At the SolarCity event, Musk also noted that SpaceX is currently working on plans for their Mars transit vehicle. In January, Musk said he would reveal the company’s plans for reaching the Red Planet later this year.