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How to do Facial steaming at Home? Welcome baby skin in just 10 minutes

Want to instantly oxygenate your face and body? Try Facial Steaming sessions with aromatherapy to relieve anxiety, ease stress, help you relax, increase your energy, and rejuvenate your skin. It boosts circulation and deliver nutrients to the skin, but it sounds more like a magic potion used by Disney princesses. So now do you wanna learn how to facial steam at home?

What is Facial Steaming?

The technique is indeed effective, but it is more common in Asia, with widespread popularity in Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand. It has also been used to help treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Facial steaming might be a new technique for you, but it has been a conventional treatment since ancient times. It is said to have been used in ancient China, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece.

The Benefits of Facial Steaming and How to do it at Home?

If you didn’t know what it was before, now it’s a good time to become familiar with face steaming. This ancient beauty salon technique also happens to have a number of modern day benefits.

Clear, clear and extra clear skin!

Oil, pollutants and germs accumulate in the layers of the skin cells and lead to clogged pores. But do not worry you can eliminate this dirt and get clean pores. Must be thinking how? Well, no cleansers, hydra facials or expensive treatments. You just need a bit of steam. Yeah, you heard right! Just blow off some steam to your face from a nice facial steamer and you’ll get impressive results.

Face steaming is becoming popular with people using it to relax, relieve stress, relieve aches and pains, and study. Face steaming is warming water with essential oils or herbs and then the steam is diffused on the face. Steam open up the pores instantly which makes removing dead cells, black heads and dirt easy to remove. There are several methods of facial steaming which we will discuss in this article.

How steaming is good for your skin?

how to facial steam at homeHydrated skin

According to American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), use of facial steamers is not the treatment for hydrating the skin. Instead, they recommend people with dry skin to take warm showers with the bathroom’s door closed during showers.

This would help to trap steam in bathroom and thus hydrate the skin. But remember! Only warm showers, not hot as this might worsen the dry skin.

Increases Blood circulation

The combination of warm vapors and increased sweating expands your blood vessels and increases blood circulation. This increase in blood flow nourishes your skin and carries oxygen. This results in a radiant, glowing complexion.

Boosts Collagen production

Facial steaming increases the blood circulation which boosts the production of both collagen and elastin. This gives youthful and fresh skin. As the person ages, skin tends to look loose and thin. That is because of the loss of collagen and elastin. So, facial steaming is blessing for mature skin.

Eliminates Acne and breakouts

Face steaming opens up the pores which allows the removal of dirt, bacteria and other impurities form the skin that clog pores and causes acne or breakouts.
Cleansed Skin

Steam open up pores which helps in softening the blackheads and hence removing them.

Removal of excessive oil

Sebaceous glands present in our skin produces natural oils to provide lubrication to skin and hair. When sebum is produced excessively, it accumulates beneath the surface of our skin and becomes the breeding ground for bacteria which then causes acne, blackheads and breakouts.

Soothing effect

Warm steam gives you a very relaxing feeling. By adding natural herbs or aromatic oils you can experience a whole other level of calmness!

Increases Products absorption

As facial steaming open up the pores, it also increases the permeability of skin which allows the beauty products to pass through the skin easily.

Beauty Tip: Add facial steaming in your skin care regime and then apply the beauty products to get the excellent results.

Easy on your Pocket

You don’t have to dig a hole into your pocket for steam facial at a fancy spa; you can get it for free at home.

How to Facial Steam at home?

how to facial steam at homeMethods of Facial Steaming

There are some ways you can be pleased with this tremendous skin care therapy at home. It can be easy and free of cost and expensive as per your choice. Here are step-step explanation of each method

DIY Facial Steaming at Home

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly using a suitable cleanser so that you get the most out of this facial treatment.
2. Heat water on stove or in a kettle and bring it to the point of steaming. Be careful while transferring the hot water in a large bowl.
Tip: You can add natural herbs or essential oils to the boiling water such as parsley, chamomile, mint, lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint.
3. Lean onto the steaming water in the bowl with a clean towel to get the steam trapped. Stay at home distance from the bowl to prevent over-heating. Steam for 10-15 minutes at a time not more than that.
4. Now your face is freshly steamed and is the perfect time to use an exfoliant or any serum you want.
Tip: To make a homemade natural exfoliant, mix 2 tsp of baking soda with 1 tsp of water. Mix them and make a paste.
5. Gently apply toner all over your face especially on the problematic areas.
Tip: Apple cider vinegar is the best replacement for toner.
6. At last, apply a moisturizer of your choice but natural oils like coconut oil would be the best choice.

Steaming with warm towels

1. Fill a bowl of hot water and put clean hand towel inside it so that it can soak the warm water. Remember water should be warm not hot when using towel method.
2. Cleanse your face and neck properly using any cleanser.
3. Take out the damp hand towel from the bowl.
4. Either lean back comfortably on a chair or lie down. Rest the towel on your face covering all your face except the nose. Do it for 5-10 minutes.

Steaming with Facial Steamer

1. Carefully read the set of instructions on the guide manual of the facial steamer, fill up the water to the level as directed. Place it on a support near a switch so that you can plug it in.
2. It will take 2-3 minutes to emit the steam.
3. Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse your face thoroughly.
4. Set your face inside the cone attachment, stay 5-10 inches away to prevent overheating.
5. Steam for not more than 2-3 minutes at a time. Take a 1 minute break in between to see whether your skin is handling the heat or not.

Precautions while steaming

1. Always keep your eyes closed while steaming as it can cause irritation to your eyes. Moreover, if you the eyes are closed, eyelids will also be benefited with the steam.
2. Be 6-10 inches away from steaming point to prevent the skin from burns or rashes.
3. Read the instruction guidelines on the booklet if using a facial steamer and use it accordingly.

Steps after Steaming

1. Rinse with lukewarm water or pat dry
2. Apply a moisturizer or a serum right after the steam.
3. Gently massage your face and neck with your finger in upward strokes.

How often should facial steaming be done?

According to dermatologists, this varies from individual to individual based on how well their skin can tolerate heat. Begin with one steam facial per month and then see how your skin reacts, and then move to once every two weeks , and then do it once a week.

Wish you a happy steaming!