Cook gives lunch without money to schoolchild

Cook gives lunch without money to schoolchild get Fired!

Aurora ( Colorado , USA ) – The cook of a primary school of the community Cherry Creek Last week lost their jobs because this Cook gives lunch without money to schoolchild .

“I had a child in front of me who was crying because she did not have enough money for lunch . Yes, I have given her to eat , “says Della Curry .This Cook gives lunch without money to schoolchild .


Posted by Della Curry on Sunday, 9 February 2014


She herself is a mother of two children and now publicly denounces the behavior of the school board.

The municipality provides low-income families free or subsidized meals. The cook has helped the child but the school can not afford anyway.

In a statement, the school says, ” The law does not require that the school board spends lunch when the food money was forgotten . The community has been working to keep prices low while meeting the government dietary guidelines . The cost of our program are not covered by the requisite price . “

Della Curry brought the attention now , to make things happen with her ​​case : I know that I have broken the law , but this law must be changed , “said the cook .

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