photo of professor holding student's baby

A photo of professor holding student’s baby goes viral

Israel, a photo of professor holding student’s baby during class in the University of Jerusalem goes viral.

A photo of professor holding student’s baby at the Hebrew University Jerusalem holding a baby during a class went viral … And the story behind is typical Israeli (” rak bé Israel ” is the expression used in Hebrew ” only in Israel “).

A baby started crying during the organizational behavior class of Professor Sydney Engelberg.


The Israeli professor of South African origin , has 45 years of experience behind him. And this man, father and grandfather, no question that young mothers miss their education and raise their children . Thus , he encourages mothers to come to class with their babies … It even allows moms to breastfeed infants during the class!

Thus, a baby started crying in the middle of class of Professor Engelberg last week … His mom then up to leave with the child, but the professor then decided to stop the mother . He takes the baby in his arms , calm, and .resumed , with the little boy in his arms , as if nothing had happened !

Photo of professor holding baby during class goes viral by MyBreezyLife

The daughter of the Professor explained to the media that for his father, a social psychologist 67 years old , love for children is important. “He has five grandchildren and he is crazy … This picture is only a fragment of reality as it happened regularly! “

And Prof. Engelberg in person to respond : “I do not understand the reasons that have made ​​this photo so popular. This is a natural behavior for me … “

Rak bé Israel

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