Cairo – An Egyptian court in Cairo sentenced death penalty to Mohammed Mursi, former president of Egypt over his role in prison break .

The death penalty to Mohammed Mursi must be confirmed by the Egyptian Mufti . Following his appeal , however may still be lodged . The Islamist allegedly conspired according to the indictment in early 2011 with the Palestinian Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah to organize the outbreak .

In the same way more than 100 other officials and supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced to death . They include some 70 Palestinians. Those tried in absentia in Egypt receive automatic retrials once detained.

The first freely elected president in Egypt’s history was sentenced to 20 years in prison last month in another proceedings for incitement to violence against demonstrators . Mursi had won in 2012 as the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood , the presidential election . In July 2013, military overthrew him after mass protests against his authoritarian rule . He has been detained since then .

Mursi already is serving a 20-year sentence following his conviction on April 21 on charges linked to the killing of protesters outside a Cairo presidential palace in December 2012.