Berlin – Microsoft plans to offer its operating system Microsoft Windows 10 depending on the device and application in seven Edition. In addition, the popular smartphone game “Candy Crush” should be automatically installed.

Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to come in the summer in 190 countries and 111 languages ​​on the market, the company announced. Some versions should give it 8.1 free for all users of previous versions 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone if you make the first year after its market launch an upgrade. This update option should there be for Windows 10 Home, the Pro version and Windows Mobile 10 for smartphones.

“We are making great strides with Windows 10 and we are on schedule to bring it out this summer,” wrote Microsoft manager Tony Prophet in a blog entry. The operating system will run not only on computers and smart phones, but also to other networked devices in the “Internet of Things”. For small, low-cost devices there would be “Windows 10 IoT Core”, also adapted for devices such as ATMs, elevators, industrial robots and selling handheld versions. Also in the game console Xbox, the new heart will beat: games from the Xbox Live platform could then be played or continue to play from all devices.

For gamers, Microsoft announced a partnership with the game developer King Digital Entertainment. Windows 10 will automatically delivers the popular mobile game “Candy Crush Saga,” wrote Microsoft manager Brandon LeBlanc. For all users, the move to launch on Windows 10, the Smartphone game will be installed automatically. Even more games of “Candy Crush” -Entwicklers are planned for Windows 10. In addition, Microsoft announced a new version of its classic “Solitaire Collection” with Solitaire, Hearts and Minesweeper. Windows 10 will come in the market in the summer.

” Candy Crush ” is one of the most popular games of King . Still flushed the smartphone game around 38 percent of revenues into the coffers of the developer. The game is one of the so-called freemium games which are basically free . Players can acquire but against payment of additional digital services . According to the company , there are 8.5 million paying customers of 550 million active players .