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Captain America civil war – Spider-Man comeback

Captain America Civil War – Finally Spider-Man made ​​a comeback in the new trailer !

Captain America Civil War will be released on April 29 and the epic new trailer out last week. We finally see Spider-man , in the trailer who made ​​an appearance but at the very end of the video.

After February 10, 2015, Sony, who owned the rights of Spider-Man for years , announced the formalization of a partnership with Marvel Studios ( Disney Group ). Spider Man has came in symbolic return in the universe he was born in 1962. Taking as a definitive line on the previous film versions , with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield .

It is the young actor 20 years Tom Holland who will be Peter Parker, of Marvel – Disney version. In this movie we can see his new look . A suit and mask to both old-school , reminiscent of the first Spider-Man comics , but also very modern , with eyes that blink .

As for the film, Captain America Civil War – we will see on April 29 in theaters. This movie is an adaptation of “Civil War”, a series of comics published in 2007 in seven episodes. This series is called a “cross-over” it brings together the superhero previously in independent series. In this sense, it has had many repercussions in the Marvel universe.

The series describes the enactment of the Census Act On-Men and its consequences in the Marvel Universe. The law requires anyone with a super-power, or wearing a mask in order to protect citizens from the villains. To enroll in an official register and reveal his secret identity to the authorities so that celles- they can supervise and monitor its activities. Superheroes is then divided into two groups. Those who favor the law and bend it out of conviction, or to obtain an amnesty in the case of villains. Second group of those who refused, claiming it hinders individual freedom or threatens the safety of their relatives.

Spider-Man, initially stood alongside with Iron Man, but later realized that he is wrong.

How Spider-Man will turn ? Are you excited to meet Spider-Man in Captain America Civil war in this new opus? And what about his costume ? What do you think? A success ?

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