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Magical Homemade Oil for Hair Growth and Thickness

Looking for a recipe for a perfect DIY homemade oil for hair growth and thickness? We all want to have long, thick hair that we can be proud of. No woman is consistently content with the length of her hair. Good hair requires a healthy diet and regular hair care, but exposure to pollution can lead to frequent hair loss. Using the best hair growth oils can combat this by promoting hair growth and improving thickness. If you want a relaxing hair oil massage to pamper yourself for the weekend. Then you have surely landed on the right page.

While most of us stick with a single brand, sometimes it’s good to make a homemade oil for hair growth and thickness. I have the ideal recipe for your hair growth. When we add this oil in or correct hair care routine that will surely ensure fast hair growth. Today, I am going to share recipe of an amazing DIY hair growth oil that you will love. Read this article to take care of your hair!

How to make homemade oil for hair growth and thickness at home?

This magical homemade oil for hair growth is very simple and easy to make that can be made with only few ingredients that are easily available in any Indian Kitchen.


  1. 1 cup pure coconut oil
  2. ½ cup pure castor oil
  3. 2 tbsp. Shikakai powder

Benefits of Ingredients used:

Coconut Oil: The nutritional properties of lauric acid found in coconut oil penetrate the hair strands particularly easily. Your hair will quickly absorb the coconut oil, adding moisture to reduce frizz and repair breakage.

Castor oil: It is highly nourishing which is composed of proteins, vitamins, minerals and all other essential nutrients for hair growth. Moreover, it is an excellent oil which also helps in preventing hair loss.

Shikakai powder: Shikakai Powder has astringent property. Shikakai removes dirt and excess sebum from the scalp and promotes hair growth. It also make hair soft and lustrous.

Method Magical Homemade oil for hair growth and thickness

Add all these ingredients in an empty glass bottle and gently shake to mix the ingredients. Cover the top with a muslin cloth. Keep it for 1 day in sunlight. And your Magical Homemade oil for hair growth and thickness is ready. This Home made hair growth oil is rich in Vitamin A, B, C and also keratin which play an essential role in the growth and maintenance of hair.

Application of Homemade oil for hair growth and thickness

Mix well before application to your hair. Apply this oil on washed hair. Begin by applying this oil to your roots and then to your ends. Massage it well on your scalp. After that steam your hair with a steamer or cover your hair with steamed Towel.

If you do not have steamer then you can simply take a towel squeezed in hot boiling water and wrap it onto your head. Keep it on for at least 30 minutes. Then wash your hair. You can also leave this oil overnight. For best results, apply this homemade oil for hair growth and thickness once or twice a week.

What affects hair growth?

  1. Stress
  2. Vitamin deficiencies
  3. Smoking
  4. Improper diet
  5. Medical conditions
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Aging
  8. Chemical treatments or excessive use of heating tools.

Hair growth fact

No product whether how much expensive it is will never result in excessive hair growth in a month. According to research, your hair can only grow up to half an inch or an inch in a month. If any product claims to grow hair more than that then trust me it’s a scam. Your hair won’t grow like Rapunzel in a few days.

Only disciplined grooming and a good hair care regimen can produce benefits quickly. And when combined with proper diet and vitamin intake, your hair will show fast growth.

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Tips for hair growth

Age, health, genetics, and hormones all affect hair growth. Contrary to what they claim on their labels and in their commercials, there are no topical products that actually cause hair to grow longer and faster (unless you have a medical condition or vitamin deficiency in your body that corrects it and your hair grows back).

But for hair growth to work optimally, you need a healthy scalp, body, and hair habits. Read on to learn which hair tips work for you.

1- Trim your hair frequently

Even though it may seem contradictory, trimming your hair on a regular basis is necessary if you want long, healthy hair. It is important to get rid of those split ends that hinder the growth of your hair.

2- Healthy diet

No matter how effective and fancy hair products you use, your hair cannot grow unless you have the right diet. Giving “nutrition” from the inside of the hair is required to encourage hair growth. Your hair needs many vitamins and especially proteins for fast growth. Dermatologists recommend taking diet rich in proteins to maintain healthy hair as they are the building blocks of hair.

3- Take Vitamin supplements

If your diet doesn’t provide enough nutrients, dietary supplements can greatly improve your health. Look for multivitamins that say “for hair, skin and nails” on the packaging. Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthier hair.

4- Shampoo less

Just shampoo your hair two to three times a week to enable the natural oils to penetrate, hydrate, and repair. And apply hair mask or conditioner after shampooing as it will help in detangling the hair and prevent breakage. Always use paraben free or suphate free shampoos as they destroy the quality of hair strands.

5- Avoid chemical treatments and styling tools

The cuticle, the hair’s outermost layer of protection, is destroyed by the harsh chemicals used in different hair treatments like hair dyes. Moreover, providing excess heat to you hair makes it prone to breakage and frizz.

6- Reduce your stress levels

Stress and hair loss are inter connected. Hair follicles go into a “telogen phase” during times of stress, where they stop growing new hair. With time, it will come out more effortlessly, even if you only wash, comb, or touch your hair.

7- Exercise

Exercise is very beneficial for hair development because it increases blood flow to the scalp. Exercise also helps reduce stress and is good for the quality of your hair.

Although it’s unfortunate, you can’t grow your hair longer in a day or a week, you may make the process as simple and healthy as possible by altering your routine and eating habits. And always seek medical advice when attempting to grow your hair out because only a doctor can truly understand what’s happening within your body and scalp.

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