05 Amazing Braid Hairstyles for Girls

Both trendy and classic hair braids styles for long hair gives very romantic look. And sometimes we may feel it difficult to make braids

Both trendy and classic Hairstyles with Braids for Long Hair gives very romantic look. Girls often like to make braid for school. We have gathered easy tutorial for 5 amazing braid hairstyles for girls.

When I saw African hair braids styles pictures it gives me inspiration to try on my hairs. In the beginning you will feel that it may be difficult to make braids but once you learn how to do hair braids styles for long hair the result that still produces a small effect, it is sophisticated and romantic with a tousled effect or punk. In short, if you want a creative hairstyle that fits with your mood, bet on the braids!

Regardless of ones age hairstyles with braids suits on everyone. School girls also love to try easy and quick hairstyles

Is it difficult to make Hairstyles with Braids for Long Hair?

Do not panic. You already know how to make braids with 3 strands, right? Then just a little practice to succeed braiding your own hair. And if it really seems too difficult, it will be time to seek help from a friend.

A little tip: If you will not be able to make braids on your own hair because they slip too much and the braid would struggle to hold. Wait for few days after a shampoo in order to allow you to have optimum grip.

Whatever the nature of your hair: they are stiff, curly, kinky, blond, brown or red, provided they have enough length, you can braid.

Quick Tutorial of 05 Amazing braid hairstyles for girls

Beth is UK based an amazing hairstylists who loves to give amazing looks to her daughters hairs. I recently started following her on Instagram and I am completely loving her work that it made me to write up about her work.

Discover quick tutorials of 05 amazing hair braids styles for long hair by creative Instagram hairstylist @sweethearts_hair_design you must want to follow:

1- Gorgeous Flower Braid

So you want up do for dinner and you do not have time to make some pretty hairstyle then try this flower braid. This gorgeous flower braid is perfect for any occasion.

2- Dutch Braid Tutorial

Dutch braid can be made in several ways but traditional Dutch Braid has its own delicacy. Dutch Braid is perfect braid hairstyles for girls.

3- The 3 Braid Updo

If you are looking for easy yet beautiful Hairstyles with Braids for Long Hair for a wedding event than try this 3 braid updo, you will not be disappointed.

4- 3D Pull-Through Braid

This hairstyle seems like difficult but it is very easy to make. If you are in hurry you can try this hairstyle for school or an evening dinner.

5- The Cross Over Lace Braid

Little bit technical but one of the most sophisticated hair braids style. Once you will have practice to make this braid it will definitely enhance your school look.

These are some quick and easy braid hairstyles for girls but if you are looking for hairstyles for wedding then these hairstyles with braids for long hair are best options for wedding or Christmas Hairstyle idea.
You can also follow _hairbyrachel_ on Instagram for more hair styling tutorials:
Try these hairstyles and provide us your feedback in comments.
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