7 Simple Ways To De-stress For Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is always a joyous moment for every woman. If you are stressed frequently during this period then consider getting some advice from your doctor. However there are very basic simple ways to keep the high levels of anxiety at a controlled level.

This is because the stress hormone can cross the placenta and affect the development of your unborn baby’s emotional development.

1- A lot of exercises

Exercise is an important activity for any pregnant woman at any stage of the pregnancy. Among some of the safest exercises for a pregnant woman include;

2- Swimming

Normally during pregnancy your body feels heavy, but once you get into the swimming pool it is a major relief, since the body feels lighter. Sometimes the hormonal changes caused by the pregnancy increases the body temperature and the best way to cool down is to go for swimming. Some of the women have high blood pressure which causes them to be stressed.

Therefore being in the deep water pool helps decreases your blood pressure. The cool water temperature increases the circulation in your body as well as relief from swelling. Therefore this relieves the stress. The other important methods of easing the shoulder and abdominal muscles of a pregnant woman which are strained due to the weight of the baby, is through swimming.

3- Yoga

During pregnancy breathing becomes heavy, and to control this yoga does the magic. It helps to control any form of anxiety resulting from carrying the baby. Prenatal Yoga reduces the mother’s physical and mental stress through strengthening the body and increasing flexibility.

Smiling pregnant woman doing yoga exercise

Yoga prepares the body for birth. The following are the types of yoga that help in reducing stress:


Body postures that help in flexing the muscles. Through this type of yoga the mother respiratory system is stimulated thus balancing the body and mind. Women face huge changes during pregnancy it can be physical, emotional and anatomical which hugely lead to some level of stress. There are a lot of changes to handle during that period.


It helps in easing breathing like previously mentioned above. The exercise involves breathing in fresh air and exhaling air out. Closing one nostril and breathing in from the other then exhaling out air through the other nostril.

This technique basically reduces the level of anxiety and improves the functioning of the nervous system and in the long run lowers the level of stress.

Yoga Nidra (sleep)

This type of yoga means a good sound sleep for the expectant mother. This helps in easing out stress and to calm the mind, increase inner happiness and keep positive energy and positive thoughts for the mother.

4- Avoid travelling long distances

Commuting every now and then can cause stress for the women. For the women working try as much as possible to avoid the rush hours. Talk to your employer and work out a plan to report work and leave earlier than usual. This is in fact part of the duties of the employer in dealing with risk assessment throughout the pregnancy.

When using public transport ensure that you always sit down. Always ask for a seat if not offered one. Alternatively check for the first class seats tickets offered to pregnant mothers. In some countries there are priority seats that are offered to pregnant women.

5- Learn more about child birth and pregnancy

Having the doctor’s support in terms of attending the pre-natal sessions is one way to de-stress. It is important to attend the prenatal classes and also interact with other women who are pregnant too. Research about the various methods of exercises recommended for the pregnant mothers.

Pregnant woman using tablet at home

This helps the women to know what to expect and reduce any chances of a surprise occurrence which may cause stress. Work closely with your health care provider or doctor. Pregnancy especially for new mothers is a totally life changing experience thus the need to learn more about it prior to birth.

6- Use of recliners for pregnant women

The back pains happen a lot during pregnancy, mostly the lower back can really cause stress to the woman. The recliners with adjustable lumbar support help in keeping the spine in a good position and keep the neck, shoulders and pelvis in line.

The lumbar support can fit well with the woman weight during pregnancy and ensures comfort. When a pregnant woman sits for a very prolonged period, a natural tendency to lean forward develops. This is a kind of movement or rather motion that pushes the lower back outward.

Beautiful pregnant woman sitting on the couch and drinking coffee

This is mostly for pregnant women who are working in offices. This unnatural posture for the spine often leads to lower back pain. Investing in a recliner seat to relax in a comfortable manner is a major step towards stress reduction among the pregnant women.

7- Use of giant bean bag

The body goes through a lot of transformations when there is a new life growing in them. Aches and discomforts often lead to a lot of thinking and in the end leading to stress. The body makes changes during its preparation for birth.

The enlargement of the belly always makes it difficult for the woman to rest well. The belly bag can always help in such a case. Choose the best giant bean bag that will fit with your body contours. This will support the body in a healthy manner without harming the baby and ensures maximum comfort.

A professional massage while lying in the Belly Bag reduces the stress hormones circulation in your body. The muscles are loosened and blood flow increased. The cradle effect in these giant bean bags relaxes your body and mind thus promoting positive thoughts vital for de-stress.


The amount of support and the level of interaction with the people around you have a direct impact on your stress levels. Very little support means, loneliness and depression which will affect your health in general.

Events happening during pregnancy especially if it is your first pregnancy are subject to your body reaction therefore talk about it, get active, rest and relax.


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