The telecom operator T-Mobile US is the US subsidiary of German Deutsche Telekom, announced on Thursday What Personal Data of 15 million customer have been stolen

T-Mobile the best Smartphone seller have been hack their accounts by the hackers. Hackers have stolen maximum 15 million customer private information of the mobile operator.

Personal information stolen by the Hackers includes the mobile operator birth of date, their addresses, names and sensitive information such as the operator social security numbers and their credit assignment made by the best T-Mobile Smartphone Company and the Company in its statement tells that mobile operators that “The encryption have been compromised.”

CEO of T-Mobile Smartphone Company Mr. John Legere wrote by telling people that:

Obviously I am angry about the stolen of the personal information of mobile operators and I will also contact the computer expert for this incident. But right now my focus is on that no one of are costumers having danger from the information stolen by hackers. We are very much serious about the information which are stolen we try are best that no one of our customer should have a danger from hacker and most important thing the information we contain in our computers which have been stolen, that information did not involve customer’s payment card number, credit card number or their bank account information.

And also added that the service which was used by T-Mobile Company to store their personal data was Experian. The records of stolen stretch two years September 1, 2013 to September 16 2015. Experian is identifying the victims by the help of mails.

Experian said in its statement Thursday that on September 15 it “discovered an unauthorized party accessed T-Mobile data housed in an Experian server.”

Experian said it “notified appropriate federal and international law enforcement agencies and has taken additional security steps to help prevent future incident.