The Amazon is considering to remove the distribution of the casing of the Apple TV Sami and Google Chromecast that is the key to Google.

It is a real casus belli from Amazon . The retail giant is considering removing from sale on its platform , the case of Apple TV as well as Chromecast key to Google, by the end of the month, understands Bloomberg that quotes mail sent by the company to its re-sellers.

The Giant has announced that it will stop selling Google chromecast and Apple Devices T.V at the end of this month for the customers who purchase this app. The problem for which Amazon has announced that they will not sell because their Amazon streaming video service does not fully work properly. Amazon will provide some proper Streaming video services for the customer’s, So that they can purchase Google chrome cast and other apps too.

The four era have a fight against them so that all over the world their app have succession and have used more than it is used today. The four famous era are those you and me are much known about them. Each and every company is trying to get as many areas so purchasing of Google chrome cast and every other app have a increasing numbers of customer’s for selling their best apps.

Somedays ago has you all know that Apple mobile have launched their new mobile phone and you all know that all over the world people have a wish to have Apple mobile phones and this is the time to earn money for Apple Company, So Google started to makes ads of those mobiles and have a millions of searches, and Amazon like to support its video streaming services to divert the customer mind to its new product.