Baltimore riots 2015 images
Baltimore Riots 2015: Night Of Violent Clashes Leaves Parts Of City In Ruins, Shocking Images

United States. Baltimore, the spark that could engulf the country

Violence erupted after the funeral in Baltimore Freddie Gray, a young black man died after his arrest. To the correspondent of the Financial Times, this time the riots could spread to other cities .

This time it ‘s different. The riots that broke out on April 27 in Baltimore are a sign of escalating racial tensions within the United States in recent months, caused by the death of unarmed Black youth killed by white police officers . Until then, the troubles were related to incidents in areas relatively untouched , suburban and medium-sized cities where many blacks settled in recent years, while white frames returned in city centers .

The most typical case is that of Ferguson , Missouri , a small town of just 21,000 inhabitants , where protesters have engaged in …


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