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Strobing Makeup Technique is new Contouring

Strobing Makeup Technique

The word ” strobing ” actually comes from ” strobe ” that refers to the strobe light . This Strobing Makeup Technique illuminates the bright parts of

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Strobing Makeup Technique is everywhere nowadays. In summer everyone want their complexion shall look fresh and bright.

What is Strobing? This Strobing technique is a new make up trend which overshadows the contouring in the beauty sphere.

The word ” strobing ” actually comes from ” strobe ” that refers to the strobe light . This Strobing Makeup Technique illuminates the bright parts of our face .

The purpose of strobing is to prominent the effect of light on the face. Unlike contouring, strobing plays with lights not shadows. This technique is much simpler than the contouring. In strobing you only need to identify the areas of your face that catches the light such as brow bones, cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid bow i.e. above the lip. Then aplying small touches of illuminator.

Illuminator is the essential product which is lighter than your regular foundation and it is usually in creamy or liquid texture.

To begin the strobing, firstly you should properly clean your skin and it has to be well hydrated. Balance your complexion with your regular foundation.

Now apply your illuminator with the help of brush or your fingers on the brow bones, cheekbones, nose bridge, above the lips, center of forehead and chin. Now blend the product with the sponge.

Finish your makeup look by touching up with loose powder of the same shade of illuminator insisting on the T-zone to reduce the shine.

Watch a complete tutorial to learn how to do strobing.

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