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Manicure: How to do Shattered Glass Nails Art – Easy Tutorial

We love these shimmering shattered glass nails or Broken glass nails that invade social networks for several weeks. This is the latest manicure trends.  It looks as good as it sound. As its name is shattered glass nails actually it is not glass. Basically it is glitters or silver cellophane pieces arranged on the nails to give a sexy hot look.

This trend came straight from Korea is inspired by the shape and colors of precious stones , mirrors and glazed structures. Eunkyung Park, Seoul-based manicurist to the celebs and owner of Unistella Salon, developed the technique, according to Refinery29. The style looks like a more architectural approach to the holographic mani.cure As seen in the pictures , manicure glass can be worn on short or very long nails , or total look small touches .

Ho to do Shattered Glass Nails ? Attention to display the nails of the Snow Queen , it will bring you a lot of patience because this look is rather complex to achieve! To simplify the process , here we show a video tutorial.

Things needs to achieve Shimmery Shattered Glass Nails:

Nail art Glitter Pieces
Black Nail Polish
Top Coat Nail Polish

How to do Shattered Glass Nails Art ?

  1. Apply Black Nail Polish. Let it dry completely.
  2. Then apply Top coat nail polish
  3. With the help of toothpick place pieces of glitters on nail.
  4. Again apply top coat nail polish.

Watch Video Tutorial

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