Kanye West to reveal the gender of the baby he will have with Kim Kardashian . However, he has some wishes regarding the future offspring , he tells you more .

This morning we have told you that Kim Kardashian has struggled to get pregnant again . Indeed, for months , the young woman tried to conceive again with her husband and she began to consider to use a surrogate mother for North can have a little brother or sister . The lovebirds are delighted with this news because they really wanted to enlarge the family. No doubt they would have a son because they had a daughter first but that the future will tell! Moreover , the noise already short as Kim is pregnant with twins … Well , no matter the sex of the future offspring , it is important that they will be healthy isn’t t it ? However, this does not prevent the couple to have certain wishes concerning it, this is particularly the case of Kanye imagining how would be their future child !

Kim Kardashian told how does she announced her pregnancy to Kanye West. To do this, she told him in the most simple and efficient manner , “Honey , I’m pregnant,” she said . Following this announcement , the rapper began to imagine their future child looks and what he hopes for him. According to a source at the Hollywood Life website: ” It is great to be a father again and he can hardly contain North West is one of the greatest blessings of his life.

The most important thing for him is that the baby should be healthy . Regardless of gender , he just wants the baby should have his musical talents and his brilliant ideas and the beauty and intelligence of Kim . ” Nothing less!