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Hillary Clinton : State Department plans to release e-mails until 2016

The e-mail affair of Hillary Clinton runs well for a while back : The US State Department wants to make public the correspondences from the private account of presidential candidate until next year.

Hillary Clinton holds a little secret? That is to the US transmitter vice News knowledge and made an application for a method according to the Freedom of Information Act: The e-mail correspondence, which the presidential candidate Clinton has led from her private address should be made public. The Foreign Ministry assured that – but not until January 2016th.

In March it was revealed that Clinton has used a private e-mail address for her official correspondence. That was not directly forbidden in their term of office, but that gives the impression that she wanted to hide something.

The affair could hurt the former First Lady of the presidential campaign: Clinton has long been reputed to be secretive. Your opponents are likely to use their dealing with the correspondence to substantiate this allegation.

That Clinton has permanently deleted as a result of accusations all correspondence from her personal computer, the debate is likely to heat up. However, she explained briefly that it plans to release the e-mails as soon as possible.

Some 55,000 pages of Clinton’s emails are now available in paper form with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . A ministry spokesman confirmed now before the US Federal Court that the documents be made public after a thorough examination on the Ministry website. However, the screening of emails claiming time. As the earliest time he called 15 January 2016th.

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