Janet Jackson has Converted to Islam

Janet Jackson has Converted to Islam

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Janet Jackson has Converted to Islam – According to Sun , this decision is accompanied by a real artistic turning point.

Long gone are the days when Janet Jackson appeared as sultry and provocative . And although the episode of the pin at SuperBowl is still in everyone’s memory , this is the past. No provocation , no sexy buzz for the promotion of her new album. Today the singer is a wise woman and tidy . The Sun has even surprised by this new profile and led its small survey. According to the British tabloid , the sister of the deceased King of Pop, Janet Jackson has Converted to Islam in 2012 , when she married Wissam Al Mana, a rich entrepreneur Qatari Muslim.

Lately Janet Jackson attracts attention. It’s simple, after seven years of absence, she finally returns to the stage. In early September, she even made a tribute to her late brother Michael Jackson at a concert in Vancouver. But while she hopes to make the buzz for her new album and her tour, the singer especially made the tabloids for a reason: her religion. Janet Jackson has Converted to Islam. According to The Sun, Janet would have been seduced by new beliefs.

New life, new career

We remember a provocative and electrifying Janet, yet it is wiser than the singer reappeared. The Sun magazine investigated and found that reason, Janet Jackson has Converted to Islam. Married to Wissam Al Mana contractor since 2012, it is no surprise that she has decided to adopt the religion of her husband, who is a Muslim.

Another detail that would confirm this conversion at the end of each concert, Janet said Inshallah. According to a close sources “She has the impression of having found a new home with her new religion and talked to her family, which fully respects her choice. She spent a lot of time studying religion and its practitioners” . If Janet is happy, that’s all that matters.

This is not the first time a member of the Jackson family is attracted to Islam. Indeed, her brother Jermaine is also converted. According to many rumors, Michael had also turned to the religion shortly before his death.

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