How to get Glowing Skin

Skin Care Tips | How to Get Glowing Skin in One Day?

How to Get Glowing Skin & Light Complexion in Just One Day

Yes it’s right!! You can have beautiful skin by applying very simple and effective home remedies to get glowing and light skin.

Your skin needs proper care , attention and protection from many natural factors such as strong sun rays and low and high temperatures and dust. While exposing your skin in these natural factors your skin become tired and pale and accelerate the emergence of signs of aging.

Hence in order to protect your Skin, it requires you to make a special and appropriate attention to your skin to avoid harmful effects from all these natural factors . You can maintain your skin texture by applying effective home remedies to get the glowing and light skin tone from your kitchen.

So, if you are wondering how to get glowing skin naturally than today we are sharing with you one of our very simple and effective natural tips to for glowing skin.

This home remedy would also protect the skin and maintain the freshness and youth as well as get you the light skin tone at the same time.


Following Ingredients are required

  • Two tablespoons of yeast
  • Only egg white for oily skin Or

If you have dry skin then take one whole egg


1- Mix all ingredients well until you get a homogeneous mixture.

2- Then apply this mixture on your face with the help of your finger tips.

3- Leave about half an hour to dry.

4- After half an hour, wash your face with warm water  and then with cold water to close the pores of the skin.

This home remedy would tighten your skin and gives your skin freshness and vitality in just one day.

For greater result mix a table spoon of vinegar in cold water and apply this mixture on face.

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