Government of Saudi Arabia has announced because of the growing number of executions . Education was not asked practiced handling swords beneficial .

The listing on the job portal of the government of Saudi Arabia is therefore sober. The Ministry of Social Affairs required eight new employees, special qualifications or experience are not required. The  salary  package was not revealed.

Only at second glance reveals what is at stake: We are looking for men who “carry out the death penalty and the punishment for theft”. Candidates should therefore behead depending judgment either or amputate limbs of the convicted criminals .

In Saudi Arabia, the death penalty to be awarded for crimes like murder, drug trafficking and arms smuggling, , which is usually enforced beheadings in public places. On Sunday beheading a man of a drugs offense was the last punishment by the Royal Family.

After a count of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch 85 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia since the beginning – most of them for drug offenses. Throughout 2014, 88 people were beheaded in the Kingdom. Only in China and Iran and more people were executed worldwide. There is no codified criminal law in Saudi Arabia therefore the defendants are at the mercy of the strict Sharia judges .

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