Bruce Jenner is a woman, the transgender community is wary of Kardashian !

Bruce Jenner is a woman, If Bruce Jenner is entitled to many messages of support since he decided to change sex , the reactions are not only positive. And all because of the bad reputation of the Kardashian !

Last year, Bruce Jenner nearly commit suicide because of harassment by paparazzi seeking evidence to confirm the rumors about his sex change. The former champion was hounded by photographers and the media and was even ridiculed by a magazine that photoshopped his face on the body of a woman. Inhuman treatment which shows that being transgender is still considered a curiosity and a scandal in today’s society. Therefore it was necessary that Bruce Jenner talks about her choice and explained his feelings in his highly emotional interview for the American channel ABC. But if there is no doubt that the transition assumed such a famous person that Bruce will do a lot for the recognition of transsexuals, there are still dissenting voices. The father of Kendall and Kylie project to turn a reality around her sex change is very criticized!

Indeed according to the Washington Post that the Kardashian will be involved in the reality of Bruce is very worrying. The tip of the finger does the newspaper that the family never hesitates to create scandals to boost their audiences , and the very serious subjects are ridiculed . Rob Kardashian, who reacted to the confession of Bruce Jenner, knows something : in fact rather than truly help their depressive brother and inform the public about his mental illness very hard to live , her mother and sisters have used it in the timeline of the Incredible Family Kardashian ! There is reason to doubt how the clan will present the daily life of Bruce, which risks becoming a caricature of itself. What do you think of Bruce reality TV project?