Ian Somerhalder gave an interview to local media agency during his visit in Cannes this week.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed were in Cannes this week. The Damon Salvatore of the hit series “Vampire Diaries” was not on the red carpet to promote a movie but rather the Azzaro fragrance for which he is ambassador. The 36 years actor took the opportunity to give an interview to the local media agency. “We do not just sell perfume, we sell an experience ,” he first told about his partnership with Azurro . The Actor then confessed to found ” incredible ” up the steps this year, especially accompanied by ” his sublime partner in crime ” (Nikki Reed , Ed)


Ian Somerhalder with his wife Nikki reed in Cannes Film Festival

The actor then explained why he had accepted campaign Azzaro: “Everything we do, everything we wear, the car we drive, the perfume that we worn , is related to the seduction, “he said, before turning his love for the Cannes Film Festival:” I think all these incredible actors, these designers, these personalities from the world of fashion that are came in the last 68 years. ” Finally, the actor discussed his love for France: “I’d love to take advance courses of French and live in the Rhone Valley Just living near vineyards and learn French in two months.”.