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Hair and makeup tips – Golden rules for women over 40 !

Hair and Makeup - women at 40

Are you women over 40? we features some hair and makeup tips to rejuvenate your look after watching 8 famous actresses radiant looks.

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Are you women over 40 ? 40 the best age ! Women are blooming , assuming their femininity … and they shows it! How ? A new haircut with few light strands , small hair and makeup tricks to hide the first signs of age . To get to it without any mistake we features some hair and makeup tips to rejuvenate your look after watching 8 famous actresses radiant looks.

Be gorgeous women over 40 by simply following these hair and makeup tips:

Select a perfect hairstyle for women over 40

Stepping into 40, it is a time when you need to forget the extremes. No platinum blond or raven black color or long hair or short haircut too. As you restore pep and volume of your hair get duller and less dense than 20 years you should evolve your hair in cohesion with your age.

The golden rule to create matter: shorten your hair

  • You can keep some length but but not longer than shoulders.
  • You do not want to sacrifice your bangs? Good idea, fringe is a good option to keep at the front in order to hide wrinkles. But beware, it must not be too short, and especially it must not that thick to avoid hiding your face.
  • Do you have crow’s feet? Spread the strands around your face to lessen its appearance.
  • And for dyeing? Prefer a softer shade, less settled, than your natural color. Another alternative, find a lighter tone that will lighten and brighten your own color.

    L'Oréal Paris

    L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference in 7LA Lightest Auburn

Make-up Tips for women over 40:

Have a youthful look at 40!

With age, the skin get loose, so it is essential to use the right products on your face.

  • First and foremost, take time to apply makeup base to fill and smooth your  wrinkles, fine lines and also the pores that expand when the collagen begins to distend.
  • For the foundation, avoid the opaque and matte textures that highlight wrinkles. Prefer the use of fluids and air packages, with light reflectors, or even a BB cream, just to drop a veil of skin on skin.
  • Concealer and illuminator are your best allies to hide the signs of fatigue and also to awaken the complexion. Do not forget to apply on the wrinkles that leave the nostrils and form an arc on each side of the mouth to give the illusion that their depression is plumped. Apply some small touches also on the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and even under the brow bone.
  • If you prefer using the powder foundation, choose a product without talc so as not to tarnish the freshness of your make-up. If you want to add touches of light, apply it over your powder. You have compact foundation? Apply it with brush rather than the sponge in order to avoid crushing the material and create extra thickness.

    Clinique Repairwear

    Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Smooth Make-up and Temptu Retouch

On lips and Eyes!

  • On the lips, forget too girly shades, opt for the nude or rosewood. But for party looks prefer to display a vibrant orange or a beautiful red vermilion.

    Intense Color Lipstick


  • If you bet on the makeup look, draw a thin line along the lash line that will be long-lasting rather than pencil eyeliner. Draw it from the center of the eyelid to outwards. You can emphasize its thickness at the end.
  • Another plus: the smoke line. For eye shadow, forget the flashy colors, black or other dark shade too. Now its not your look at your age and secondly these shades will turn off your look. The trick: to ignite the spark of your iris, put a little blush satin in the inner corner of the eye. Good tones: eggshell, champagne, white or yellow beige.


    Eye shadow in Smashing Champagne by Smashbox,

Glow on your Cheeks!

  • Finish with good-looking blush, coral and rosewood, preferably in cream. Work it on the cheekbone.



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