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Top Sun Protection Tips to Beat the Summer

It’s summer time! The great outdoors awaits. Whether it is a beach trip, hiking, or even shopping, everyone loves to get out of the house. As we all know, if we are not careful then time in the sun can equal a little bit of discomfort. We have already published a blog post on how to deal with sunburn when it catches you out, including some unusual, but successful remedies such as egg whites and green tea. In this post we will give some Sun Protection Tips to beat the Summer and how to keep yourself and your family sunburn free. Less pain time equals more sun time.


1. Sunscreen


We all remember the beach outings where we could run into the sea before our parents would grab us and plaster us in sunscreen. Even as adults we have the notion that we will be alright to go a bit of time without sunscreen so that it will give us a tan. And then before we know it, our shoulders are red and peeling. Another common mistake is that we put on sunscreen once and that’s it. Some studies have shown that most people only apply sunscreen using ¼ or ½ of the amount required. To ensure your skin stays burnt free you need to be generous and frequent. Using a sunscreen with just SPF15 gives you 93% more protection than no sunscreen.

2. Hydrate


Like sunscreen, this is another obvious one that catches a lot of people out. When out in the sun you need to increase your intake of fluids especially if you are being active. Water is the best option but other fluids such as tea, coffee, juices, milk and even soups will help you hydrate. It is recommended to drink 5 – 8 glasses of water a day.

This Fruit Infuser bottle is perfect to keep you hydrated in summer.

3. Feet


We have included feet in a separate section for our Sun Protection Tips because even the most diligent sun protector often forgets to protect your feet. Always apply sunscreen to your feet as often and as generously as we recommended preventing the top of your feet becoming burnt. Even more important, and more often forgotten, is the bottom of your feet. At the beach we tend to go around bare footed, because let’s face it flip-flops and sand are a pain, and it is easy to burn our feet. The best way to avoid burning your feet and a shoe that is easy to fit on, is to buy summer shoes such as espadrilles. These sorts of shoes are great for children because like flip-flops they are easy to slip on and off if you’re at the beach.

4. Exfoliate


Lots of sun can mean dry skin. Exfoliating can be very effective during the summer to keep your skin healthy and your face fresh. Many people associate exfoliating with the winter months but summer is the best time to do it. If you exfoliate routinely it can aid sunscreen in protecting your face against harmful rays. On a side note it also means you get to give yourself spa treatment regularly!

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