Where would we be without the Bayern Munich ? Although the team has earned his retirement , although his charisma is undiminished . Bavaria is the last bonfire of the Republic , a world class club .

The departure of the FC Bayern from the Champions League is a setback for the German football . Even today, the raving fans across the country by the final, ” we face , we ” when 2013 Munich played against Borussia Dortmund . Since then, the longing for a final with at least one German participants is large . The Munich in Europe in its current constitution but simply not absolute top , the resignation is earned .
But this season has produced more than this conclusion . Especially the semi-finals against Barcelona have once again demonstrated that the champions is more than football . He is a part of Germany that even very large issues such BND scandal , politics and urges Yemen to such matchdays in the population in the background .
No other club , no other sport has this charisma . The last bonfire of the Republic . The club, which sweeps really empty on a night streets . The association, which even polarized in the Bundestag . Also , because he has the life of conservative values ​​such as tradition, cohesion and popularity written to the root folder. The famous motto ” Mia san mia ” – for many a pure provocation . For others just contemporary self-confidence.
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