McDonald’s now serves kale and spinach

The fast-food giant is struggling with its junk food image. Big Mac and hamburgers are out mainly in the US domestic market . Now , the group tried with an eco – offensive and vegetables serve.

The burger giant McDonald’s makes to fight his junk food Image Ernst : The world’s largest fast-food chain served immediately the trend vegetables kale – at least on a trial basis . ” We test in nine branches in southern California two new breakfast dishes , and one of them contains kale and spinach ,” said a spokeswoman on demand . Whether the eco – offensive was planned in Germany , they did not reveal .
Rumors , the ailing industry leaders can jump on the organic train , at least  for some time . Kale is booming in general in the US not only for vegetarians , even with fitness and health conscious customers . It is partly hailed as veritable ” Superfood “
For a long time McDonald’s made ​​over the Veggie Trend funny

With German home cooking has ” Kale ” , as the vegetables in English , but little in common – it usually comes not with Pinkel sausage , but uncooked in salads or smoothies ( ” smoothies for weight loss” ) are used.

McDonald’s for months already struggling with revenue shrinkage and image problems . ” Big Mac ” and Co. are out in the US domestic market . Especially younger customers flee to competitors . The new boss Steve Easterbrook , who replaced the hapless Don Thompson in March , announced recently to a radical change in order to bring the company back on track. A few months ago McDonald’s had made ​​fun of in advertising about the kale trend

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