Youtubers shocked friend with news of death of this old man !

Adelaide ( Australia ) – Mark and Richy are two notorious pranksters from Adelaide . They call themselves ” The Royal Stampede ” ( in German ” royal stampede ” ) and shock their users regularly with bawdy jokes video – so-called ” Pranks ” – than post them later on their ” Youtube channel ” . This week these two youtubers shocked friend with news of death of the old man.

A few days ago they were playing a trick on their friend Michael : He should join them with one of their Pranks by dressed as a rabbit startled passersby .


‘You just killed someone’ prankster gets shock of his life

The clip called ” You Just Killed Someone Prank ” was clicked thousands of times in a few days , shows how Michael is hiding behind a street corner – to suddenly jump out of the hiding place to scare people . Most frightening , some run away screaming in front of the white giant rabbit .

Then , however, the joke goes apparently wrong : Michael startled an elderly man and his daughter . The man touches his heart and collapses , threatening to collapse .

Michael is shocked insists repeatedly desperately how sorry he is . The man comes with blue light to the hospital , Michael and his brothers joke go afterwards . The young Australian is devastated : ” Through me the man had a heart attack … This is the worst day of my life ! “

Then the shocking news from the daughter : Her father died of heart attack !

Michael collapses – filming his friends .

A little later the redemption : the supposedly late Mr. and his daughter walk awake from the hospital !