Kendall Jenner scared last night in Milan when she narrowly escaped a car accident .

More fear than harm ! While Kendall Jenner is currently in Milan for Fashion Week , the young woman is not immune to the objectives of the paparazzi who absolutely follow wherever she moves . This is thanks to (or because ) of her today we learned that the young woman terribly scared last night while returning to her hotel when her driver made ​​a small mistake that could have to be fatal . Indeed, when the taxi pulled up in front of the star, the car began to recede as the driver had obviously forgotten to put the handbrake . Sister Kylie Jenner had just enough time to escape the vehicle before the car struck a pole. Luckily the driver managed to return to his car to put the handbrake .

Initially , the pretty brunette has remained still for several seconds , certainly a bit stunned by what she had just experienced . But soon , she resumed her way to her hotel. Visibly disturbed , Kendall Jenner quickly lost patience with the horde of photographers who were waiting for her. In the video published by the Mail Online , we expect it to get excited and say paparazzi ” please , you are not obliged to me your cameras in the head” and added: ” You n ‘ no right to be there, it’s private . ” Conscious of being a pervasive and intrusive hair , the papapazzi apologized several times. In short, Kendall Jenner who has just discovered his wax status in London, may long remember his stay in Milan. Would you have reacted the same way ?

KENDALL JENNER narrowly escapes Injury due to CAR Handbrake fails